The best Ghosts of Verdansk loadouts – warzone

18 October 2021

For their first year, Activision released probably one of the best game mode ever made with Zombies flying around the map. And this year, they are doing it again with ghosts! The loadout you should use are completely different that your usual meta loadout in Warzone Battle Royal. This article is a guide for your loadouts in the new Ghosts of Verdansk game mode in Call of duty Warzone!

The best primary weapons for ghosts of verdansk

Find bellow the best primary weapons to use in the Warzone Ghosts of Verdansk game mode! Focus on Assault Rifles or LMG with thermal scope allowing you to beat your scary opponents! The loadouts you see bellow are close to the Iron Trial builds with the biggest magazines! Add a thermal scope if you want to have a better view of the ennemies!

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One of the best practice for this game mode is to get ghost right away in order to not be displayed on the unlimitted UAVs of the ghosts chasing you! And pair your primary with Kali Sticks to beat the ones trying to beat you!

The best secondary weapons for ghosts of verdanks

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