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All The Quality-Of-Life Changes coming to Warzone Pacific Season 02

Last updated May 14, 2022

After a seemingly long delay, the Season 02 update will be going live soon. Aside from Apex-style Redeploy Balloons and Heat Shields, we also got some pretty good Quality-Of-Life changes. Some of these should have been implemented years ago, but still – this is better than nothing at all!

Here, we will go through all the changes one by one and break them down.

> Traversal Improvements – Increased mantle height and collision fixes

This is an extremely important change, especially for a map like Caldera. We are all annoyed by the unclimbable walls and buggy rocks, so this change should help us a lot. However, there are still slippery mountain surfaces on the map – especially around Peak. Hopefully those are addressed too.

> Gas Mask – Animation won’t interrupt players who are ADS-ing

How many games have you lost because the Gas Mask Animation interrupted your gunfire? How many times has the Gas Mask killed you instead of savig you? Even though adjustments to the Gas Mask were made previously, this change should make it less infuriating and more fair.

> Armor Plates – Refills full plate of Armor before filling damaged plates

A change that is definitely welcome. This will not only help conserve plates, but also make plating up simpler, and making more sense.

> Vehicles – Handling and a reduction in collision with world geometry

A simple change that will make vehicles easier to drive. But, since we are in Caldera, where the world geometry is pretty funky, this could a make a massive difference. This is especially good for Vanguard Royale enjoyers – it will help make their horrible ground vehicles a tiny bit less horrible!

> Parachute Improvements – Including being able to deploy them at lower distances

With Caldera having a ton of mountains which function properly only when they want to, this will save you from getting timthetatman’d a lot of times. Even in Verdansk, some areas would kill you from fall damage without letting you parachute. With this issue being fixed, expect way less random fall damage deaths, and way more consistency with parachuting.

> Restrictions – Dead Silence and Stun Grenades removed from Vanguard Royale

Can we remove them from Core BR too while we’re at it?

> Aim Assisst – Will now scale properly and more consistantly, especially while stunned

This is probably the change most poeple are concerned or happy about. An important thing to note is that “scaling properly” does NOT mean it is made stronger or weaker. Your Aim Assisst will have the same effect, but with more consistency, The current state of Aim Assisst, especially on Consoles, is like everything else in the game – it only works when it wants to. Basically, sometimes it doesn’t work, and sometimes it locks on hard. This leads to situations where the lock-on part gets enemies killed, and the no-work part gets the user killed. We’re not even going to mention how someone’s Aim Assisst behaving more consistantly leads to the un-assissted players resorting to hackusating.

Now, the stunned part. Scaling properly while stunned means that it will no longer lock on and stick to a player while the user is stunned. This removes an incredible amount of bulls$%t from the game, since being on controller used to make you basically immune to stuns – the 2nd most popular tactical in the game. With how hard stuns are to counter on Mouse & Keyboard, this should make the playing field more equal between the keyboards and the controllers.

> Anti-Air Cannons Buffed, Airplanes and Gas Canisters Nerfed

Another change for the Vanguard Royale enthusiasts. The notorious planes have been dominant in the gamemode, and the change should make them not only harder to use, but easier to counter – using the newly buffed AA Cannons. It might even make some players (including myself) come back to the madness that is Vanguard Royale. And with Bombers, Portable Buy Stations and honestly we have no f^*$ing idea what else to come, it will definitely be a chaotic experience.

And the Gas Canisters, they are extremely annoying. Not effective while pushing, but very annoying. Especially in areas like Peak, where there are plenty of them, and their explosion power and radius could instantly down you from afar, alongside destroying your vehicles. Hopefully the nerfs and adjustments make this thing not annoying, but usable in practice.

> Final Circle – Less likely to end near Peak

An adjustment that is definitely welcome. On one hand, people who would hold Peak all game would get a free win most of the time. On the other, people trying to push Peak would have the most unfun experience ever. Climbing through the rocky, slippery and buggy mountains is a pain. And to add to it, getting instantly melted from above while having no cover is like extra salt in the wound. Finally, losing the game because of being unable to climb a surface or getting atop a building is like rubbing a jalapeno pepper on your wound. Let’s just say that this will solve a lot of problems, and make Peak not a place to stay at, but a place to go from.

> Dropping Gas Masks and picking up plates from Armor Satchels

Why hasn’t this been done before?????

Aside from these gameplay changes, we were also promised other fixes. Textures disappearing, Invisable Skins, Crashing, Freezing near Buy Stations, Stability performance and many, many more.

As we conclude this long list of important Quality-Of-Life changes, there are lots of questions in our head. Why are these only being implemented now? How effective will they be? Will they break the game further? What weapons are meta in Warzone Pacific? (warzoneloadout.games if you’re asking yourself that) Will we need more after the new wave of additions and updates? We will only have to see. As of right now, we only have the information, we don’t know what will happen when they are implemented.

And what about consoles? Well, stay tuned for the next article which has some pretty disappointing news for Console Players.

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