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AK 47 Cold War Loadout

The best AK 47 Cold War loadouts for Warzone!

Assault Rifle / Cold War

Sniper Support
Long Range
GRU SuppressorGRU Suppressor
18.2" Takedown20" Spetsnaz RPK Barrel
-Axial Arms 3x
KGB Skeletal Stock-
-Spetsnaz Grip
45 Rnd45 Rnd
Serpent Wrap-

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The Cold War Ak47 is an Assault Rifle brought into Warzone with the introduction of Cold War. You can find the best loadouts for the Ak47 in Warzone on this page. It’s a very hard-hiting weapon with some recoil, but is very powerfull at the moment.

Official Description: Full-auto assault rifle. High damage with a marginally slower fire rate. Excellent stopping power for mid range encounters.