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Best loadout for Champions of Caldera trio! Volk and UGM make the best combo.

Last updated Aug 6, 2022

This is my favorite combo for my favorite game mode! Champions of Caldera has the perfect intensity and usually gives amazing endings. My main issue while playing this game mode is that I always ended up by needing to reload my primary weapon and finally getting killed or caught by the gas.

Well this is not a thing anymore thanks to the UGM-8 insane damage per mag, you can wipe the entire map with a single mag (almost). As seen in a previous article, the UGM-8 is 100% part of the meta now and you cannot go wrong with this gun. UGM has no damage drop, huge damage per mag & with surveil perk the bullet velocity is good.

Now let’s talk about the Volk.. this might be the true absolute meta for close range. It’s by far my favorite sub at the moment with a more than competitive TTK and damage drop not before 30 meters! Volk has nothing to be ashamed of against reigning Marco 5, Armaguerra or H4 Blixen.

UGM-8 Best Warzone Loadout for Champions of Caldera

  • muzzle: MX SILENCER
  • barrel: ROMUALD 560MM DA
  • optic: SVT-40 PU SCOPE 3-6X
  • stock: ROMUALD TAC YR
  • underbarrel: M1930 STRIFE ANGLED
  • magazine: 6.5MM SAKURA 125 ROUND BOX
  • rear grip: STIPPLED GRIP
  • proficiency: SURVEIL
  • ammo type: LENGTHENED
  • kit: ON-HAND

You can find multiple Warzone Loadouts for the UGM-8 here.

Volk Best Warzone Loadout for Champions of Caldera

  • muzzle: RECOIL BOOSTER
  • barrel: KRAUSNICK 428MM 05V
  • underbarrel: MARK VI SKELETAL
  • magazine: 7.62 GORENKO 45 ROUND MAGS
  • rear grip: TAPED GRIP
  • proficiency: PERFECTIONIST
  • ammo type SUBSONIC
  • kit: ON-HAND

You can find multiple Warzone Loadouts for the Volk here.

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