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Huge surprised weapon balancing – SMG buffs and new AR meta!

Last updated May 4, 2022

Raven Software just tweeted about the new update and they made a lot of weapon adjustements! In this article we review together the various changes and what it will imply for the meta.

Let start with the main changes that will shuffle the overall meta ranking! You can find the complete history of all the nerfs and buffs for warzone weapons on this page.


It’s not a suprise that i start with this gun. The STG-44 was already buffed once few days ago. The devs really want the STG-44 to be meta, and i’m pretty sure the STG-44 is now the Absolute meta.

  • Headshot Damage Multiplier increased to 1.58, up from 1.5
  • Neck Damage Multiplier decreased to 1.19, down from 1.5
  • Maximum Damage increased to 33, up from 30
  • Minimum Damage increased to 30, up from 26
  • 7.62 Gorenko 50 Round Mags: Fire Rate Multiplier decreased to 6%, down from 6.54%
  • Krausnick 220mm Rapid: Sprint to Fire Speed increased by 6%, up from -15% / Movement Speed now increased by 1.3% / Initial Recoil penalty now begins at bullet 3, up from 2 / Horizontal Recoil Control penalty decreased to 40%, down from 50% / Fire Rate Multiplier decreased to 15%, down from 20% / Maximum Damage Range now decreased by 8.6% / Damage now decreased by 10%
  • Recoil Booster: Fire Rate Multiplier decreased to 1.5%, down from 5%

The best STG-44 Loadouts can be found here.

Cold War AK47

This gun was the absolute meta and has now been nerfed 🙁 Too bad it’s one of my favorite gun! I think it will still remain in the meta.

  • Maximum Damage decreased to 34, down from 36
  • Minimum Damage decreased to 30, down from 32

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Another nerf to the XM4 that has been dominating the competitive warzone scene for the past weeks!

  • Headshot Damage Multiplier increased to 1.54, up from 1.5
  • Maximum Damage decreased to 29, down from 30

The best XM4 Loadouts can be found here.


Now let’s talk about the AS44, one of the deadliest weapon in Warzone right now. They actually reduced the recoil so it might become the true meta, but we need further testing to confirm.

  • Initial Recoil decreased
  • Maximum Damage Range increased to 29.8 meters, up from 28.4 meters
  • Kovalevskaya 615mm: Maximum Damage Range increased by 20%, up from 15%

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Other AR buffs to monitor

The Cooper and KG M40 have been buffed. They might now be the best guns to use for beginners in Warzone for season 3! Automaton also has been buffed despite being one of the best gun in the game.

SMG Buffs

Finally, they buffed all Vanguard smg in the same way:

  • Mid Damage increased of 2-4 points
  • Minimum Damage increased of 2-4 points
  • Bullet Velocity increased for multiple barrels. 

This change will probably not change the close range meta, but will probably reshuffle the card for the sniper support meta!

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