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Is the Bipod underbarrel broken for Vanguard weapons? Recoil analysis and more!

Last updated Aug 19, 2022

Recently i’ve received a lot of messages asking me why i am not switching all my underbarrels to Bipod as the attachment is reducing recoil more than the others. In this article, i will explain my reasoning on why Bipod is not that interesting for the common gameplay, but could be an interesting feature. Paired with the right stock, it’s even more attractive.

Recoil pattern with bipod

In order to test the Bipod recoil, i selected the MG42 and the DP27 as they both have not only the bipod, but also specific stocks that will reduce even more the recoil when crouching, laying down or mounting. Let’s start with the MG42!

Few things to highlight:

  • The combo Kraunsick S91 Padded and Bipod actually gives you more recoil when standing up the standard loadout for the MG42 available here.
  • Then crouching gives you approximately 20-30% less recoil and laying down is crazy easy to control.
Exact same conclusion for the DP27! More recoil standing up, and then crouching/laying down reduces the recoil.

My thoughts on the bipod and when to use it

It can be a very interesting attachment combo, especially if you are a more tactical player that takes his time to lay down or crouch before shooting. To be honest it’s actually making a lot of sense that a bipod reduces recoil when laying down and i like the realism aspect of it.

However, it comes with too many downsides in my opinion and especially having more recoil when standing up is a difficult one to digest. Most of the fights will happen with you being stood up, and having the bipod on will give you a disadvantage against enemies using standard recoil attachments. Also, the bipod comes with a small movement penalty.

To conclude, i would say that the Bipod is introducing a very interesting mechanic but it suitable only for a certain gameplay.

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