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We are getting four new weapons with Warzone season 4!

Last updated Jun 16, 2022

Same as usual with a new season and new battle pass, Activision is introducing new weapons into the game. We will have the Marco 5 SMG, UGM-8 LMG and the Vargo-S. On top of that a new melee weapon called the Push Dagger.

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Marco 5 – New Vanguard SMG

Unlockable at tier 15 of the Battle Pass, Activision is introducing a new SMG that is going to be very interesting. It’s featuring the first Vanguard Akimbo perk for an SMG, which means you will be able to run around with two SMG in hands.

Official Description:

A high mobility submachine gun, accurate from the hip with excellent close-range stopping power.”

For the highly mobile, aggressive player, there are few better options than rushing into battle with the Marco 5 SMG. It’s great for pushing into objectives, as its high mobility allows you to run circles around the enemy while they struggle to get a bead on your position.

Considering its relatively noticeable recoil and damage falloff at longer distances, the Marco 5 is best when fired from the hip at closer ranges. As the first SMG in Vanguard to feature the Akimbo Proficiency, you’ll soon wonder why you ever needed to aim down sights in the first place.

Best Marco 5 Warzone Loadouts

UGM-8 – New Vanguard LMG

A new mobile LMG is coming to Warzone and is called the UGM-8.

Official Description:

High fire rate, mobile LMG that excels at creating suppressing fire and pushing enemy positions.”

Who says an LMG has to slow you down? Combining high mobility with a high fire rate, the UGM-8 is ideal for players looking to keep pace with their teammates while offering suppressive fire.

This thing chews through ammo, so be prepared to feed it. Boost your ammo capacity with one of several different Magazine options or grab Fully Loaded or the Scavenger Perk to prevent going empty in the middle of a fight.

Best UGM-8 Warzone Loadout

Vargo-S – New Vanguard AR

Yes i know, we already have a Vargo in Warzone! This new Vargo-S will probably be a better version of the current one we have. Expect this thing to be meta cause the Vargo 52 is already one of the best AR in the game!

Official Description:

An essential armament for versatile play. This workhorse Assault Rifle offers a high-fire rate, steady aim through sustained fire, and a quick reload, and that’s before adding any of its Gunsmith attachments.

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