Rebirth Island Loadout

Find on this page the best updated loadouts for rebirth Island, recommended by the one and only 🐐 Kxpture! Currently holding multiple world records on Rebirth island, you can trust those loadout recommendation with a blind eye. Make sure to check his socials:

Singuard Custom 27.6'
Tac Laser
Stippled Grip Tape
FTAC Sport Commb
Sniper Scope
Agency Suppressor
13.7' Ranger
Field Agent Grip
Axial Arms 3x
Agency Suppressor
25.8' Task Force
Field Agent grip
40 Rnd
Axial Arms 3x
Agency Suppressor
Raider Stock
Serpent Wrap
45 Rnd Drum
Microflex LED

Whether you prefer taking ghost, tempered, restock or overkill at your first loadout, you will need a solid primary weapon for Rebirth Island. Sniping with the Kar98k or the Swiss will allow you to down people in the air despite the spaw protection, but using an Assault Rifle with help you for those mid-range fights, very common during Rebirth Island matches.

other rebirth loadouts recommended by kxpture

Kxpture publishes some excellent loadout recommendation and insane rebirth gameplay almost everyday! Make sure to check his latests videos.