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Statistics: Average downs per magazine is the best stats for Warzone!

Last updated Jul 18, 2022

When it comes to statistics, We always look at the time to kill as the most important stats for both long range and close range. But in my opinion there is one even better to highlight the real meta and this is the number of ennemies that you can down with one magazine before having to reload. If you look at the extreme case of the Type 100, it has an insane TTK and better than all other SMG, but the avg down per mag is clearly not as good as the others due to low mag capacity.

Long Range Stats: avg down per magazine

Let’s first have a look at the average down ennemies per magazine for the top tier long range options right now: NZ41, Bar, Cooper Carbine, M13, Vargo 52, KG M40 and Bruen MK9.

We can see on the graph below that we have three contenters that are above the rest and the best gun based on this stats are the NZ41, Bruen and KG M40. And without any doubt we can officialy confirm that the NZ41 is the absolute meta for long range in Warzone season 4!

Close Range Stats: AVG down per magazine

Then, for close range the clear winner here is without any doubt the Marco 5. The H4 Blixen is also a very good alternative to the Marco. Make sure to have a read of my previous article comparing the Marco and the Blixen to determine which one is the best.

Another interesting one is the Type 100, with the best time to kill, but one of the lowest average down per magazine in the game.

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