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STG-44, Blixen H4 and NZ41 balancing!

Last updated Jun 11, 2022

With an update made on June 2nd of 2022, Raven Software made some nerfs and buffs to balance the game a little bit more. This article is to review thoses changes.

STG-44 Nerf

  • Max Damage Range decreased to 27.9 meters, down from 30.1 meters

All STG-44 Warzone Loadouts.

H4 Blixen Nerf

  • 7.62 Gorenko 36 Round Mags: Torso Damage multiplier decreased to 13%, down from 15%
  • Jonsson 9″ RMK: Min Damage decreased to 30, down from 33. 

All H4 Blixen Warzone Loadouts.

NZ-41 Buff

  • Max Damage decreased to 37, down from 40
  • Min Damage increased to 34, up from 32
  • Recoil deviation decreased
  • Recoil intensity decreased
  • Muzzle Velocity increased by 10%
  • 8mm Klauser 40 Round Mags
    • Damage Range Penalty decreased to -10%, down from -20%
    • Damage Penalty has been removed
    • Fire Scaler has been removed
  • 6.5mm Sakura 50 Round Mags
    • Damage Penalty has been removed
    • Fire Scaler decreased to 5%, down from 12%

All NZ-41 Warzone Loadouts.

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