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Stop using these weapons in Warzone

Published the 15 June 2022

127+ Weapons are in Call of Duty: Warzone and only a fraction of them should be considered “absolute meta.”  loadouts. Throughout the 15 seasons we’ve experienced in Verdansk and now Caldera, fan-favorite meta builds drop-off after various updates and players have to adapt.

‘Stay frosty’ with the list ahead, as you may find yourself exchanging heated words on Twitter after seeing your loadout.

#1 LC10 – COLD WAR

Aah… yes. Let us flashback to Verdansk ‘84 Season Two. The LC10 has attempted to etch its name in the top tier, but struggles with damage outside of close-range(20m-). 900ms is the average TTK and you must hit 13+ shots to fulfill an elim. If this is in your loadout, then you’ve probably noticed the weapon lacks damage compared to our current top meta SMGs: H4 Blixen or Type 100.

CoD Warzone: Bestes LC10-Setup im Guide


The Krig 6 was an entry assault rifle that was included with the Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War integration. The no-recoil king for many seasons has fallen off. The Krig can be considered a viable option in Rebirth, but you’ll find yourself unable to thirst your knocks in Caldera…

CoD Cold War: Krig 6 - Bestes Setup, Aufsätze & Werte


YOU. MISS. THIS. LOADOUT. That is the harsh truth if you still drop-in with the Kilo 141 AR. The player-base has regarded the Kilo/MP5 loadout as the best meta for Warzone to date. Unfortunately, nostalgia does not carry enough weight to battle ARs like: NZ-41, Vargo 52, and the STG-44. Although the low recoil feels comfortable, if you couple that with 800ms TTK & and an average of 15+ shots needed to down, you’ll quickly realize this AR belongs in the vault.

Die besten Warzone Kilo 141-Loadout-und Klassen-Setups - DE Atsit


I know… “How could this be?!” The HDR has absolutely dominated the entire lifespan of Warzone for long range snipes, but the .50 sniper has been dethroned. Use the ZRG-20mm instead of the HDR, you won’t regret it.

Bestes HDR-Loadout und beste Klasse in Call of Duty Warzone

#5 MAC-10 – COLD WAR

Everyone’s favorite little, rapid-fire SMG has been nerfed a while back…Due to lootable blueprints like the MAC-10 that can be found at Control Center on Rebirth Island, Raven leveled the playing field. The Mac’N’Cheese SMG fits into the meta of excellent TTK, but suffers majorly with the amount of shots you need to land (14 fully plated). If you love the fire rate of this SMG, then you should consider the Armaguerra 43.

Warzone best MAC-10 loadout: Our MAC-10 class setup recommendation and how to unlock the MAC 10 explained | Eurogamer.net


With the right attachments, the AUG packs some serious bullet velocity for an SMG @ 1126m/s. You will easily notice zero bullet drop in favorable CQBs (Close-Quarter Battle), and with that range extended to still do consistent damage at ranges up to 150m. Sorry to disappoint; range is not your ally in the SMG category, but damage per shot up close is. The AUG drastically gets worse outside of 16m. Your relatable replacement: MILANO. Rumours are saying the AUG might return for Modern Warfare 2 in October!

The best AUG Warzone setup | PCGamesN


NOOooOOoooo who nerfed the sleeper AR? The Ram-7 possesses one of the top bullet velocities in Call of Duty: Warzone by a large margin. The 857rpm (fire-rate) is viscous considering ‘Modern Warfare 2019’ does not feature enhanced fire-rate attachments. The suggested COOPER CARBINE loadout build puts out 909rpm. The bouncy recoil is challenging to say the least (especially for console players), and if your opponent is using a head-glitch you can expect to deplete half of your magazine returning fire. Will we see the Ram-7 in Modern Warfare 2?

Modern Warfare® Weapon Detail: RAM-7

That’s all folks! Operation Monarch & Vanguard Season 3 is coming to an end, and these loadouts *may* be ending with them. If your weapon of choice made the list and is being used in your #1 loadout, be sure to scroll back through and find your alternative! Use the Random Warzone Loadout Generator if you need blind suggestions!

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Published the 15 June 2022

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