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The 5 Cold War Weapons that are Making a Comeback in Warzone Pacific

Published the 3 February 2022

The “Forgotten” Cold War Weapons

When the Vanguard weapons began taking over the scene, everyone seemingly forgot about the Cold War weapons. Surprisingly enough, they are still insanely strong and some even outperform the newly introduced and partly overpowered Vanguard guns.

There is still plenty of time before we get any new major content due to the Season 2 Delay. With that in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to revisit the past metas for a while and run some Cold War weapons. We have discovered the Top 5 Cold War weapons that are making a comeback in Warzone Pacific, and while some of them will get tweaked in the Season 2 Update, we can expect way more to rise from the grave soon.

Here are the 5 Cold War weapons that are dominating the scene!

1. The C58

This High-Recoil,  High-Damage and Low-Firerate Assault Rifle has been the king of kings when it was introduced in Season Four. After its many nerfs, it has been staying in the top-viable tier for so long before its explosion in popularity in Warzone Pacific. Some say the popularity boom is due to the lack of outstanding Vanguard assault rifles. And to be honest, while that is true, we think that the main reason is that it is fun and refreshing to use, and rewards high skilled gameplay.

Here is the best C58 Loadout/Class Setup, approved by the Loadout Mastermind aka JGOD, and Warzone Pro Streamers such as TeeP, ZLaner, Swagg and more.

2. The XM4

The XM4 is crazy versatile. And, it can maintain a very consistent damage output at range. While the recoil can seem challenging for some, learning to master this timeless weapon willdefinitely be useful. Right now, it is one of the most popular assault rifles in the meta!

Here is the best XM4 Primary Setup, used by Pro Streamers such as Metaphor, Icemanisaac and BearPig.

3. The Cold War AK47

Not to be confused with its Modern Warfare counterpart, the CW AK has been meta for quite a while. It seems like people are rediscovering this gem in Warzone Pacific because of the lack of good Vanguard primary weapons. The low recoil and good damage help it excel at long ranges.

Here is the the best CW AK Loadout, which is run by Pro Streamers such as Metaphor.

4. The OTs-9

After completely dominating in Cold War Season Five and Season Six, this SMG is making a strong comeback. It falls short to the MP40, but is still a very good option if you want a reliable and fast-killing weapon for close range.

There are many Loadouts and Class Setups for the OTs-9 based on preference, but here is the most popular one, used by Pro Streamers like DiazBiffle, Kxpture, Repullze and many more.

5. The Swiss K31

The Swiss is the Kar98’s twin brother from Cold War. With that in mind, we can already see what an insane potential it has, and how good it is right now in the sniper meta. After all, how bad can a copy of the Kar98k really be?

Here is the best Swiss K31 Loadout which is used by Pro Streamers such as Fifakill, FaZe Testy and Recrent.

We hope you will have just as much fun with these Loadouts as we had! For more Dedicated Warzone Loadouts and Meta Class Setups make sure to visit warzoneloadout.games – approved by JGOD, it is the No 1 loadout hub with the best class setups available!

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Published the 3 February 2022

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