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The best Lapa loadout for Warzone – Vanguard season 1

Last updated May 14, 2022

The Lapa has a strange relationship with the Warzone community. This gun is one of the best in the game since it was released, but still, no one is using it! In this article we cover what is the best lapa loadout for Warzone and how you can dominate Caldera with it.

The best Lapa loadout for Warzone

Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
Barrel: 7.9′ Rifled
Optic: Microflex LED
Magazine: STANAG 50 Rnd
Stock: Raider Stock

True Game Data analysis of the Lapa 

In this video, the master True Game Data explains why this Lapa is super strong right now and compares it to the other best smg. 

He also explains why each attachments is the right one. 

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