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The best loadouts for solo battle royal and buy back – Warzone season 5

Last updated Sep 3, 2022

Solo game mode in Warzone is a very specific one that require tailor made loadouts. No need to look at stats like damage per mag or average down per magazine when it comes to solo. For close range time to kill is king! Long range has less differences with the other game modes.

Best SOLO loadout

GRAU 5.56

  • barrel: TEMPUS 26.4″ ARCHANGEL
  • optic: VLK 3.0X OPTIC
  • underbarrel: COMMANDO FOREGRIP
  • magazine: 60 MAG

Since season 5, the Grau 5.56 is more than just back. The Grau is in the top tier meta for long range and i especially like it for solo. Yes the UGM-8 is better for all other modes, same as the Automaton, but you don’t need the big damage per mag in solo. That’s why i choose the Grau as best solo long range option, and also thanks to how easy it is to use. Of course, the Automaton is also an excellent choice!

TYPE 100

  • muzzle: RECOIL BOOSTER
  • barrel: WARUBACHI 134MM RAPID
  • underbarrel: M1930 STRIFE ANGLED
  • magazine: .30 RUSSIAN SHORT 36 ROUND MAGS
  • Ammo Type: SUBSONIC
  • Rear Grip: TAPED GRIP
  • Perk 1: ACROBATIC
  • Perk 2: QUICK

Type 100 is by far the best close range SMG in the game for solo. It’s dominating all the time to kill charts since a few season, and is only held down by the magazine capacity (36 bullets). Well in solo, this is not an issue!

Best sniper solo loadout

3-line rifle

  • barrel: EMPRESS 514MM F01
  • optic: SVT-40 PU SCOPE 3-6X
  • stock: ZAC CUSTOM MZ
  • underbarrel: HEAVY FOREGRIP
  • magazine: .30-06 20 ROUND MAGS
  • rear grip: LEATHER GRIP
  • proficiency: SILENT FOCUS
  • ammo type: LENGTHENED
  • kit: ON-HAND

Sniping in Warzone season 5 is back and there are 3 guns dominating the scene: the ZRG 20mm, Gorenko Anti Tank and the 3-Line rifle. In my opinion the 3-Line is the best sniper in the game for season 5.


  • muzzle: RECOIL BOOSTER
  • barrel: KRAUSNICK 428MM 05V
  • underbarrel: M1930 STRIFE ANGLED
  • magazine: 7.62 GORENKO 45 ROUND MAGS
  • rear grip: GROOVED GRIP
  • proficiency: PERFECTIONIST
  • ammo type: SUBSONIC
  • kit: ON-HAND

The Volk is one of the best close range Assault Rifle in the game, and is the absolute meta for sniper support. TTK is competitive with the best SMGs, but the Volk has the damage range of an Assault Rifle.

Alternative primary guns for solo

Of course, there are a lot of very viable weapons right now in Warzone, and find bellow a list of links to get their best loadouts.

Alternative Secondary guns for solo

As previously seen, the close range meta is wide open and there are more than 10 weapons that are extremely competitive.

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