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The best sniper support loadouts for Warzone

Last updated May 14, 2022

Introducing a new series of articles, to help the community find the best loadouts in the most efficient way. We are already providing a complete meta ranking and loadouts for all the guns on the main page of the website, make sure to check it out!

Today we will review what are currently the top weapons to use as a Sniper Support in the game and what loadout you should use with the best attachments!

Best AS44 Sniper Support loadout

AS44 is a very good weapon for close and mid range. Insane fire rate and time to kill, this gun is definitely a strong contender for the sniper support meta. 

Mercury Silencer
Kovalevskaya 615mm
Slate Reflector
Zac 12A
Carver Foregrip
.30 Russian Short 60 Rounds
Hollow Point
Polymer Grip
Fully Loaded

Best Owen Gun Sniper Support loadout

Owen gun is the new better Milano. It’s super stable and has a really great time to kill for close but also mid-range. Definitely one of the best sniper support loadout for sure. 

M1929 Silencer
Hockenson 305mm Precision
M38/Slate 2.5x Custom
Orbweaver Padded
Carver Foregrip
7.2 Gorenko 72 Round Drums
Polymer Grip
Fully Loaded

Best Cooper Carbine Sniper Support loadout

Mercury Silencer
14′ Gracey Rapid
Slate Reflector
Ragdoll C45 Skeletal
M1941 Hard Stop
9mm 60 Round Drums
Compressed Rounds
Stippled Grip
Fully Loaded

Best MP40 Sniper Support loadout

M1928 Silencer
Krausnick 317MM 04B
Slate Reflector
VDD 34M Padded
M1941 Hand Stop
9mm 64 Round Drums
Polymer Grip
Fully Loaded

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