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The Warzone meta in Verdansk

Dec 2, 2021

Since the launch of Vanguard multiplayer, Warzone interest and content produced has naturally dropped down a little. And that’s exactly what we expected to happen for this transitio period. Everyone is leveling up weapons and camo grinding in Vanguard to make sure to be ready for Warzone Pacific and the Caldera map. If you are not doing that at the moment, then you might struggle at the very begining, but don’t worry, Warzone Loadout will be there to guide you on the meta and which guns to focus on!

During this dry period of Warzone, we are also experiencing and witnessing the very last meta of Warzone, and this gave me the idea to consolidate in this article all the previous Meta that Warzone Verdansk encountered. Warzone Pacific will give us a lot of new metas for sure and new guns to use in Caldera, and i can’t wait. It’s going to be so refreshing!

So let’s start this trip down memory lane right now.


The most broken metas in Warzone


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What was the most broken meta Verdansk ever had? #Warzone

— Warzone Loadout | Cod-news (@Warzone_Loadout) November 16, 2021


By far the most broken meta Verdanks ever had. After the integration of Cold War, it did not take long to notice the DMR power. You could litteraly delete people with it, and i still hear the DMR sounds in my dreams at night. 

Snakeshot akimbos

Akimbos have been overpowered multiple times on Verdansk, but never has much as the Snakeshot Magnums. Those beast could one-shot you almost anywhere in the body with a fair range too. 

Shotgun barrel famas

This one could have been as broken as the DMRzone. But thanks to the quick reaction from the devs it lasted only a few days! And that’s for the best!

The most fun metas in Warzone


This one was so satisfying. You only needed to aim no matter the range or the moving speed, the bullet would hit exactly where you were aiming at! Helicopter drivers were all out of jobs.


Fun meta thanks to the versatility of the gun. Really interesting to have an Assault Rifle behavioring like an SMG. 


Probably the most loved weapon in the game. Everyone loved the Grau Meta due to how easy it was to use, and the best Iron Sight any FPS has ever seen!

The other metas noteworthy in Warzone

Kilo 141
Swiss K31 / Kar98k
EM2 / AK47
Aug / M16
mac10 gallantry
Origin / Doof Doof

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