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COOPER Carbine Loadout

Category: Assault Rifle & Game: Vanguard

The best COOPER Carbine meta loadouts for Warzone!

Sniper Support
Long Range
Mercury SilencerMX Silencer
14" Gracey Rapid22" Cooper Custom
Slate ReflectorSVT-40 PU Scope 3-6x
Ragdoll G45 SkeletalCooper Custom Padded
m1930 Strife Angledm1930 Strife Angled
9mm 60 Round Drums9mm 60 Round Drums
Fabric GripStippled Grip
Tight GripBrace
Compressed RoundsLengthened
On-HandFully Loaded

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The Cooper Carbine is a weapon added into Warzone at the launch of Caldera. It can be used in all playstyle: long range, sniper support but also as a quick smg secondary. We have builds and loadouts to suit all of them.

Official description: This short range AR is easy to control with a fast fire rate.