COOPER Carbine Loadout

The best COOPER Carbine loadouts for Warzone can be found below!
Long Range
MX Silencer
22' Cooper Custom
SVT-40 PU Scope 3-6x
Cooper 45W
m1941 Hand Stop
.30 Carbine 45 Round Mags
Polymer Grip
Tight Grip
Fully Loaded
Sniper Support
Mercury Silencer
14' Gracey Rapid
Slate Reflector
Ragdoll C45 Skeletal
M1941 Hard Stop
9mm 60 Round Drums
Compressed Rounds
Stippled Grip
Fully Loaded
Close Range
Recoil Booster
14' Gracey Rapid
Slate Reflector
Removed Stock
M3 Ready grip
9mm 60 Round Drums
Compressed Rounds
Fabric Grip
Fully Loaded

The Cooper Carbine is a weapon added into Warzone at the launch of Caldera. It can be used in all playstyle: long range, sniper support but also as a quick smg secondary. We have builds and loadouts to suit all of them.

Official description: This short range AR is easy to control with a fast fire rate.

All the builds are updated on a regular basis and up to date with latest nerf/buffs.

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Buff and nerf history of this gun.

Attachment analysis: why those attachments and what are your alternatives?


TrueGameData Cooper Carbine Loadout

HusKerrs Cooper Carbine Loadout

JGOD Cooper Carbine Loadout

Speros Cooper Carbine Loadout

TeeP Cooper Carbine Loadout

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