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Warzone Season 5 Long Range meta! Stats, analysis and loadouts.

Last updated Sep 3, 2022

Following season 5 update and all the various nerfs & buffs, the meta has changed significantly. Indeed, on top of the weapon changes, we also witnessed some attachment nerfs to reduce a little bit the dominance of the Vanguard weapons over the Modern Warfare and Cold War. The MX silencer and SVT scope x3 x6 now have a little bit more recoil than previously.

This article is focusing on the long range meta analysis to determine the true meta ranking of Warzone season 5.

Weapons included in this analysis: UGM-8 | Bruen MK9 | Nikita AVT | Whitley | Cooper Carbine | Vargo 52M13 | Automaton | Grau 5.56 | Vargo S | Kilo 141 | KG M40

Average Time To Kill

Let’s first focus on the average time to kill of the main meta contenders. The lower the time to kill at range is, the better! We need to focus on +50 meters ttk in order to understand the long range capabilities. As usual, stats are coming from sym.gg!

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Less than 900ms at 50m+

  1. UGM-8
  2. Bruen MK9
  3. Nikita AVT
  4. Whitley
  5. Cooper Carbine
  6. Vargo 52


Less than 1000ms at 50m+

  1. M13
  2. Automaton
  3. Grau 5.56


More than 1000ms at 50m+

  1. Vargo S
  2. Kilo 141
  3. KG M40

Average Downs Per Mag

If you are not playing solos, then another extremely important statistic is the average number of enemies that you can down with one single mag. Especially with the rise of game modes like Titanium Trial or Iron Trial that require a lot of bullets to kill.

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More than 9 at 50m+

  1. UGM-8


More than 4.5m at 50m+

  1. Bruen MK9
  2. Automaton
  3. Whitley
  4. KG M40
  5. Grau 5.56


Less than 4.5 at 50m+

  1. Vargo S
  2. Kilo 141
  3. Cooper Carbine
  4. Nikita AVT
  5. M13
  6. Vargo 52

We need to highlight the crazy performance of the UGM-8 on this category..


This one is harder to quantify, due to the lack of unique metric. The worst enemy of recoil control is the horizontal bounce. Indeed today it’s very easy to control vertical recoil (just hold down the joystick or mouse) but horizontal bounce introduces chaos in the way of controlling it. The following ranking is focusing on recoil control at range.

Note that all those guns are not that difficult to handle. Guns like AS44 or MG82 are not included in this analysis for this reason.


Easy to use (Very low recoil)


Easy to learn


Little bit harder

Final Thoughts on the Long Range meta

It’s very important to note that this ranking is not absolute and fixed. Depending on your play style and favorite map, the best gun might vary a little bit. For Caldera, bullet velocity and recoil pattern can have more importance than for Fortunes Keep for example.

Long Range Meta and loadouts

Credit: raw stats are coming from sym.gg and consolidated by myself.

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