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What is the best sniper for Warzone season 4?

Last updated Jul 6, 2022

I just published a small video to compare the ZRG 20mm, Gorenko Anti Tank and 3 Line rifle to finaly determine which one is the best for Warzone season 4!

For that, i used 8 elements of comparision in total, with a grade of:

  • 1 point for the first
  • 2 points for the second
  • 3 points for the third.

In the end, the sniper with the lowest total score wins!

Have a look at the video first (and don’t hesitate to subscribe to the Youtube channel if you like the content!)

Summary of the points

CriteriaZRG 20mm3 Line RifleGorenko Anti Tank
Aiming Stability132
ADS Time213
Muzzle Velocity321
Ammo Count312
Strafe Speed312
Tactical Sprint213
Fire Rate231
Bullet Drop321

To conclude, we can say that the winner of this battle is the 3-Line Rifle as the best sniper for Warzone season 3. Gorenko is also super strong but in a more tactical/slow gameplay if you don’t mind that.

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