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What was the Most Broken Weapon Ever in Warzone’s History?

Last updated May 14, 2022

Warzone has a history of broken metas and overpowered weapons. Now everything is hopefully under control, but a year ago, in Cold War Season One and Season Two, it was much, much worse. We had seen some of the most dominant and destructive weapons in a long time. Today, we will take a look at the past, and will try to see which weapon exactly was the Most Broken Weapon in Warzone’s History. For that, we need to identify what a “broken” weapon is first.


What does a “Broken Weapon” mean?

Basically, it means that the weapon has statistics so good they seem broken. The term “broken weapon” originated mostly from Streamers and Content Creators trying to emphasize how good a weapon was. Now, it is used by most players when referring to an overly strong weapon. For example, the MP40 Vanguard SMG, that has been meta for a while, is considered “broken”. Or, during Cold War Season Four, the MG82 was very broken when it launched.

Now that we know what “broken weapon” means, let’s dive into the 3 Most Broken Weapons Ever in Warzone’s History.


3. Akimbo Sykovs

The Sykov was released in the end of Cold War Season Two. Most people say this was Modern Warfare’s revenge against the overpowered Cold War weapons, since strangely enough, the Sykov was a Modern Warfare pistol. Now, the pistol was nothing special. Except the fact that it had an option for a Full-Auto Akimbo Class with 80 Rounds in each pistol. And to top it off, it had a ~200ms TTK. This is ABSURDLY low. You could theoretically wipe an entire squad with in just under a second. Thankfully, they got nerfed by Raven Software shortly after, and now, the Sykov is a viable secondary as a single, 80 round SMG alternative.

Here is some gameplay featuring the broken Sykovs in action:

2. FFAR-1

The FFAR is a close second when it comes down to the Most Broken Weapon Ever in Warzone. It was Cold War Season Two when the playerbase discovered its insane potential. The weapon had incredible mobility, a ~460ms TTK, 50 rounds with a fast reload and an absurd firerate. However, what made it so broken was that it was extremely versatile, and it was everywhere. Unlike the previously mention Sykovs, this weapon was an ideal SMG, Sniper Support, Primary, even a Tap-Fire weapon exceeding at long ranges. And not only was it promoted by Activision in the newly introduced Reactive Bundles, but it was also common in the ground loot. Safe to say that Cold War Season Two was the FFAR’s playground. Right now the FFAR is still an incredibly fun weapon to use, even with its recoil, nerfed mobility and TTK.

Here you can see the old FFAR in action:

Honourable Mentions

Here are the weapons that were stupidly broken, but not broken enough to be included in the Top 3.

MAC 10 (Cold War Season One)
Diamatti Akimbos (Cold War Season One)
AUG / M16 (Cold War Season Two)
MG82 (Cold War Season Four)
Akimbo Double Barrels (Vanguard Season One)
Akimbo Snakeshots (Modern Warfare)

There were also brokens that were literally broken, such as the FR 5.56’s One-Shot Underbarrel Shotgun Attachment, and the SP-R 208 and Fennec being Hitscan (Infinite Bullet Velocity) for a while. But now, lets get to the king of kings.

1. DMR-14

The DMR was the Most Broken Weapon Ever in Warzone’s History. This semi-auto rifle had No Recoil, an Extremely Spammable and High Max Firerate, Sniper rifle levels of damage and bullet penetration, Crazy high Bullet Velocity and Infinite Damage Range. It would down any player from any distance from just 2 Headshots, and with how easy it was to Spam-Fire, the TTK was extremely low. Fun fact, with Stopping Power Rounds, the DMR-14 would knock a player from a single headshot. Something rivaled exclusively by Sniper Rifles and certain Marksman Rifles.

Everyone used the DMR. It remains the most used weapon of all time, as during the time it was meta it was picked by 35% of all players. With everyone running a DMR, the only way to stay alive was to use the DMR. The DMR Madness lasted for a pretty long time. It was so bad, that lots of players quit the game until the DMR would get patched. Streamers, Pros, Content Creators, Casuals and even Famous Rap Artists were asking Raven Software to nerf the DMR. Some even asked the UK Government to “Nerf The DMR”. Not even to mention that the Type 63, a weapon that was basically DMR’s twin brother, was extremely broken too, just like the DMR’s twin brother would be.

Thankfully, It got nerfed, and is now a casual semi-auto rifle that is rewarding but requires you to master its difficult recoil and firerate. Although, it does find some love and usage as a close range secondary (yes, a close range secondary).

Here is gameplay featuring this monstrocity in action:


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the Most Broken Warzone Weapons Ever. While the ones on this list are now nerfed, a new weapon may come out at any second and dominate the meta. For that, make sure to follow the Latest Warzone Metas on warzoneloadout.games – our warehouse of all the meta loadouts available!

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