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Why the Vital perk is not always the right solution in Warzone

Last updated May 14, 2022

On paper, the Vital perk seems like the go to perk when it’s available. Increased torso damage is a very nice addition and will definitely drive the time to kill (TTK) down, which is a very good thing. But if we look at the cons of the perk, it’s also implying a “Recoil Control & accuracy” negative effect.

And that is super important to consider, while theoritical time to kill will be lower with the Vital perk, it will require to have more focus on recoil control and potentialy less bullets hitting the target. And this is making the practical TTK to be higher than the theorical.

Now, if you feel like the recoil remains easy to control and that you can land as many shots as without Vital, then definitely go for it. But if you are a more casual player, struggling to control the recoil, then go for other perks than Vital.


Recoil plot comparison: Tight Grip vs Vital

This is the typical example of the Cooper Carbine.

On the left we can see the recoil pattern of the Cooper Carbine with the Tight Grip perk, and on the right the one with Vital.

Not only we can see that Vital is increasing the recoil, but it’s also bringing a little bit of chaos into the mix. Notice how the bullets are not going straight up, but are also making weird turn in the middle, which makes the recoil patterns kind of hard to predict.

Let’s give the full credit to Immortal for this analysis and the very detailed video (embed below). 

Immortal Analysis of Vital Perk

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