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World Series Of Warzone Meta

Last updated May 14, 2022

As we all know, one of the best meta indicator is the guns used by professional during tournaments. Today is the World Series of Warzone – Duo North America, the biggest Warzone tourney. If you want to keep track of the daily meta, make sure to check out our main website Warzone Loadout

The primary weapons


The most used weapon in the tourney for sure! It’s official, the EM2 is the best AR in the game before the Vanguard Integration!



Interesting choice by HusKerrs, giving him a 15 kills game for the game 2.

Kar98k / Swiss

A kill is a kill, and sniping pros might be less dangerous than challenging them close/mid-range

We are also seeing Joe Wo rocking the Cold War Ak47!

The secondaries


The absolute meta to use as secondary.

GAllo sa12

Paired with double stuns, the Gallo is still one of the best gun to use in Duos. 

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