Maximieren Sie die Leistung mit den besten PC-Einstellungen für Warzone 2 Staffel 3

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 9. Mai 2023
Verbessern Sie Ihr Warzone 2-Gameplay, indem Sie Ihre PC-Einstellungen optimieren. Unser detaillierter Leitfaden sorgt für ein Gleichgewicht zwischen visueller Qualität und Leistung, was zu einem flüssigeren Gameplay und höheren Frameraten führt.

Best Warzone 2 PC Settings for Optimal Performance

Playing Warzone 2 at its full potential requires not only skill but also a carefully optimized settings configuration. The goal of these settings is to find the sweet spot between a visually appealing game and high performance, mainly focusing on Frames Per Second (FPS). An optimized game not only looks better but also provides a smoother and more responsive gameplay experience. Let’s delve into the best Warzone 2 settings to enhance your gaming performance.

Display Settings

Optimizing your display settings is crucial for getting the most out of Warzone 2’s graphics while maintaining a high frame rate. Here are our recommended display settings:

Display ModeFullscreen Exclusive
Dynamic ResolutionON
Aspect RatioAuto
V-Sync (Gameplay)Off
V-Sync (Menus)Off
Custom Frame Rate LimitCustom
Gameplay Custom Frame Rate Limit250
Menu Custom Frame Rate Limit60
Out of Focus Custom Frame Rate Limit30
Display Gamma2.2 (SRGB)

Quality Settings

Quality settings in Warzone 2 affect the overall graphic fidelity of the game. Adjusting these settings will help strike a balance between visual quality and game performance:

Quality PresetsCustom
Render ResolutionDepends on your setup
Upscaling/SharpeningFidelityFX CAS
FidelityFX CAS Strenght90
Anti-AliasingFilmic SMAA T2X
Anti-Aliasing QualityNormal
Video Memory Scale90
Texture ResolutionNormal
Texture Filter AnisotropicNormal
Nearby Level Of DetailLow
Distant Level Of DetailHigh
Clutter Draw DistanceShort
Particle QualityLow
Particle Quality LevelVery Low
Bullet ImpactsOn
Persistent Damage LayersOff
Shader QualityMedium
On Demand Texture StreamingOff
Streaming QualityNormal
Volumetric QualityLow
Deffered Physics QualityOff
Water QualityDefault
Shadow Map ResolutionNormal
Screen Space ShadowsOff
Spot Shadow QualityLow
Spot CacheLow
Particle LightningLow
Ambiant OcclusionOff
Screen Space ReflectionsOff
Static Reflection QualityLow
Weather Grid VolumesLow
Nvidia Reflex Low LatencyON+Boost
Depth of fieldOff
World Motion BlurOff
Weapon Motion BlurOff
Film Grain0

View Settings

View settings in Warzone 2 control how your character perceives the game world. These settings can be adjusted to maximize your field of view and overall awareness, giving you a competitive edge in the battlefield:

Field Of View115
ADS Field Of ViewAffected
Weapon Field Of ViewWide
3rd Person Field Of ViewTBD
Vehicle Field Of ViewWide
1st Person Camera MovementLeast (50%)
3rd Person Camera MovementLeast (50%)
3rd Person ADS Transition3rd Person ADS
Default Spectator CameraGame Perspective


In conclusion, the best Warzone 2 settings depend on your specific system and personal preferences. The settings listed in this guide are designed to optimize your gaming experience by balancing visual quality and performance. By making these adjustments, you can enjoy smoother gameplay, higher frame rates, and a competitive edge in your Warzone 2 matches. Remember, the ultimate goal is to create an enjoyable and efficient gaming experience. Happy gaming!

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