The best loadouts for Ashika Island – Top 5 primary weapons!

Written by Warzone Loadout

Last updated Mar 24, 2023
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Today’s menu will give you the top five best loadouts and primary weapons to use in Resurgence Ashika Island! The loadouts and guns will differ slightly from the classic Al Mazrah loadouts I’ve been providing until now: you’ll find more mobility, better ADS time, and overall guns that feel snappier! And finally, before starting with our first gun, please note that I will not mention the RPK in this ranking mostly because everyone is tired of it. I want to suggest more than competitive, in my opinion, better alternatives. You can find Ashika Island loadouts for most guns, including the RPK, on the CODMunity app!

5. Rapp-h Ashika Island Loadout

The first gun I want to showcase today is the Rapp-H. This gun was already underrated in season 1, but I believe it’s fantastic for Ashika Island. The mid-range time to kill this gun is incredible, and I think it will shine on resurgence. For the loadout, you’ll want to use the TY-LR8 compensator that will remove almost all vertical recoil of the gun. Then the FSS Ole-V laser for improved ADS time. The AIM-OP V4 is my favorite scope on the island, but feel free to use whatever you are comfortable with regarding the optic. The 7.62 high-velocity ammunition will help you with the bullet velocity of the gun and, finally, the rear grip for increased mobility.

  • TY-LR8 muzzle: +0.54 / +0.28
  • FSS Ole-V laser: -0.42 / -41.13
  • AIM-OP V4 scope: -1.94 / -1.65
  • 7.62 high-velocity ammunition: +0.45 / +7.26
  • Lachmann TCG-10 rear grip: +0.81 / -0.25

4. KASTOV 762 Ashika Island Loadout

Our next gun is the Kastov 762. Even after the small nerf, I still believe this gun is great for mid-range and small maps like ashika island. It’s the kind of gun that is hard to control, but if you can hit your shots, you will destroy your enemies. For the loadout, use the Sakin Tread-40 compensator to mitigate the horizontal and vertical recoil and pair that with the Lockgrip Precision 40 with the same objective. Then the Aim-OP v4 optic and the high-velocity rounds. Complete the loadout with the 40-round mag to have enough bullets at your disposal.

  • Sakin Tread-40 muzzle: +0.49 / +0.23
  • Lockgrip Precision 40 underbarrel: +0.52 / -0.32
  • AIM-OP V4 scope: -2.23 / -1.65
  • 7.62 high-velocity ammunition: +0.41 / +6.39
  • 40-round magazine

3. taq-56 Ashika Island Loadout

On the podium today, we have the TAQ 56, which is, in my opinion, one of the winners of the recent balancing update. Super easy to use and has no recoil, I expect this gun to be widely used on the Island. For the loadout, you do not need a compensator considering the recoil is manageable, so you can use the Echoless-80 suppressor to increase the bullet velocity and the damage range while having minimal impact on your ADS time. Then the FSS ole-v laser for snappier ADS and the AIM-Op v4 optic for a clean sight. Finally, like Kastov, use the high-velocity rounds and the 40-bullet magazine.

  • Echoless-80 muzzle: -0.81 / +0.65
  • FSS OLE-V Laser: +0.31 / -39.5
  • AIM-OP V4 scope: -2.13 / -1.65
  • 5.56 high-velocity ammunition: +0.56 / +8.71
  • 40-round magazine

2. sakin mg38 Ashika Island Loadout

In the second place, we find here the new queen LMG. The Sakin MG38 will dominate Al Mazrah in the next weeks, but you can also build it for Ashika Island. This gun is disgusting and is, in my opinion, better than the RPK in season 2. For the muzzle, use the Sakin Tread-40 compensator to remove the recoil, the laser, and the rear grip to improve the ADS time of this heavy LMG. Finally, I like to use the Aim OP v4 scope and the high-velocity ammunition to transform this beast into a very powerful mobile LMG on Ashika Island.

  • Sakin Tread-40 muzzle: +0.57 / +0.19
  • FSS OLE-V Laser: +0.31 / -37.8
  • AIM-OP V4 scope: -2.03 / -1.65
  • 7.62 high-velocity ammunition: +0.61 / +7.55
  • Bruen Q900 Grip: +0.36 / -0.36

5. ISO HEMLOCK Ashika Island Loadout

The new assault rifle has an incredible feeling. I don’t know yet in terms of time to kill if it’s better than the others, but the ISO Hemlock feels incredible to use and also seems to kill fast. I believe it will be loved by the community considering the non-existent recoil and how similar it is to the prime Kilo or Grau 5.56 from Warzone 1. This is the gun I have the most fun with on Ashika Island. For the loadout, you can build it the same way we built the TAQ 56: echoless 80 suppressors, FSS ole-v laser, Aim-op v4 optic, high-velocity rounds, and the 45-round mag. Trust me; this gun is great and worth unlocking!

  • Echoless-80 muzzle: -1.08 / +0.68
  • FSS OLE-V Laser: +0.19 / +0.25
  • AIM-OP V4 scope: -1.84 / -1.65
  • 5.56 high-velocity ammunition: +0.52 / +6.97
  • 45 Round Magazine