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Random Loadout Generator

This is not your usual Random Loadout generator. It will help you pick a completely random gun, but will provide you the best way to equip it in Warzone!

All the loadouts you will find here are coming from the main database behind this website: more than 260 loadouts updated on a daily basis and ranked with a meta ranking!

Primary & Secondary Weapon

This first category is giving you a full random loadout with one primary and secondary weapon.

Sniper & Sniper Support

This second random draw is giving you a Sniper and a weapon to use as a sniper support!

Primary + Launchers/Pistols

Use this category to get a loadout without Overkill, including all launchers and pistols!

Rebirth Island Loadouts

This last random draw is giving you a primary and a secondary weapon directly from our dedicated Rebirth Island loadout database!