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Lockshot KT85

Both vertical and horizontal recoil control, with a little bit more focus on Vertical.

  • ADS Time +40ms
  • Time to exit ADS +40ms
  • Vertical Recoil Control -0.19x
  • Horizontal Recoil Control -0.16x


Shot after shot stays center mass with the recoil control of this compensator.

How to unlock the Lockshot KT85

Level 9 of RPK or level 10 or Lachmann Sub

Replace the Lockshot KT85 with

Sakin Tread-40

Focus on vertical recoil control.

  • ADS Time +40ms
  • Time to exit ADS +40ms
  • Vertical recoil control -0.23x
  • Horizontal recoil control -0.13x

Data values by @Symthic.