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Last updated Mar 30, 2023
Unlock the ultimate CDL experience with CODMunity's groundbreaking app feature, offering real-time match tracking, comprehensive stats, and exclusive tools for iOS and Android users. Immerse yourself in the Call of Duty League like never before!

Get ready, Call of Duty enthusiasts! Prepare to elevate your CDL experience to new heights with the latest cutting-edge feature in the CODMunity app – the definitive Call of Duty League (CDL) companion. Stay ahead of the game with matches, real-time insights, and tools exclusive to our iOS and Android app.

Unrivaled Features: Immerse yourself in the CDL action with these exceptional features, available only on CODMunity:

Get ready to dive deep into the world of CDL like never before, as CODMunity presents its features designed to keep you at the forefront of the action. These powerful tools grant you unprecedented access and insights into the heart-pounding Call of Duty League universe. Stay engaged, informed, and ahead of the competition with CODMunity‘s exceptional features:

1. Live Match Tracking

Witness the adrenaline-pumping action as it unfolds. Our unique live match tracking provides unparalleled access to up-to-the-minute map and round details for Hardpoint, Control, or Search & Destroy matches. Whether you’re rooting for Atlanta Faze, Boston Breach, or LA Thieves, stay in the loop with real-time updates directly in the app. Opt for push notifications and receive instant summaries of each round to stay informed, no matter where you are.

2. In-depth match details

Stay ahead with comprehensive breakdowns of each round, including scores, player K/D ratios, and in-depth insights. Analyze the performance of star players like Cellium, Pred, and Shottzy to understand how they’re impacting the game. Discover how their strategies and gameplay contribute to the overall success of their teams, such as Optic Texas, London Ravens, or Toronto Ultra.

3. Comprehensive Team Stats

Keep track of your favorite teams with consolidated stats, upcoming matches, and previous results. Uncover the preferred maps, toughest opponents, and easiest conquests for each team, from the New York Subliners to the LA Thieves. With CODMunity‘s extensive data, you can delve deep into each team’s strengths and weaknesses to anticipate their next move.

4. Player Stats Extravaganza

Discover the top players by K/D ratio and delve into each player’s performance in every game mode. From Dashy’s sharpshooting to Simp’s strategic gameplay and Abezy’s relentless pursuit of victory, get a detailed analysis of their performance, tactics, and growth throughout the season.

Why CODMunity? Trusted by over 500,000 users in the past 6 months, CODMunity is the premier Call of Duty app, boasting the most accurate and up-to-date meta rankings for Warzone 2 loadouts, MWII, and Ranked play. Elevate your CDL experience with CODMunity‘s unrivaled real-time data, refreshed every minute, and stay ahead of the competition.

Conclusion: Join the CODMunity revolution and elevate your CDL experience like never before. Stay informed, strategize, and conquer with the most advanced tools available on the market. Witness the incredible journeys of teams like Atlanta Faze and Optic Texas, and follow the astounding feats of star players such as Cellium, Simp, and Abezy. Download the CODMunity app now and become the ultimate Call of Duty League aficionado!

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Major IV of the CDL Qualifiers: Day 2 Recap and Results

The second day of Major IV of the Call of Duty League Qualifiers has come to a close, and it was packed with intense action and unexpected outcomes. Fans were treated to four high-stakes matches, as teams battled for a spot in the playoffs. Here’s a quick summary of the results:

  • Florida Mutineers vs Minnesota Rokkr: 0-3
  • Toronto Ultra vs Boston Breach: 2-3
  • Minnesota Rokkr vs LA Guerrillas: 3-1
  • Seattle Surge vs LA Thieves: 1-3

Now, let’s take a closer look at each match and the key moments that defined them.

Florida Mutineers vs Minnesota Rokkr: Rokkr’s Dominance

In the first match of the day, the Minnesota Rokkr displayed their dominance with a clean 3-0 sweep over the Florida Mutineers. Despite a strong effort from the Mutineers, Rokkr’s teamwork and strategy proved to be too much for their opponents. The Rokkr’s victory solidified their place as a formidable contender in the competition.

Toronto Ultra vs Boston Breach: A Nail-Biting Finish

In one of the most closely contested matches of the day, the Boston Breach managed to edge out the Toronto Ultra with a thrilling 3-2 victory. Both teams showcased their skills and determination, with each round coming down to the wire. In the end, the Breach’s clutch plays and resilience secured their hard-fought win.

Minnesota Rokkr vs LA Guerrillas: Rokkr’s Double Triumph

Continuing their impressive run, the Minnesota Rokkr took on the LA Guerrillas in the third match of the day. The Rokkr once again demonstrated their prowess with a 3-1 victory, establishing themselves as one of the top teams in Major IV. The Guerrillas put up a valiant effort, but ultimately, the Rokkr’s momentum was too strong to overcome.

Seattle Surge vs LA Thieves: Thieves Steal the Show

In the final match of the day, the LA Thieves emerged victorious over the Seattle Surge, securing a 3-1 win. The Thieves’ combination of strong individual performances and cohesive teamwork allowed them to outmaneuver the Surge, who struggled to find their footing throughout the match. With this win, the Thieves have positioned themselves as a serious threat in the upcoming playoffs.

As the second day of Major IV of the Call of Duty League Qualifiers comes to an end, fans can look forward to even more exciting and intense matches as the competition progresses. With the stakes higher than ever, every team will be fighting to secure their spot in the playoffs and make their mark in Call of Duty history.

Major III Recap: Top Call of Duty League Moments and Standout Players

Major III of the Call of Duty League took place in Texas on Optic turf. The event started on February 17th with the qualifiers and ended on March 12 with the LAN. As we are introducing tons of amazing features within the CODMunity app, i thought i would summarize a little bit the main stats for Major III to prepare for Major IV. Note that all the stats shown here are extracted from the app and will be available to everyone before Major IV!

Major III Showdown: Toronto Ultra Triumphs and Minnesota ROKKR Struggles

The latest Major III tournament saw the Call of Duty eSports scene explode with excitement as teams from around the world came together to display their skills on the virtual battlefield. With high stakes and intense competition, two teams emerged on opposite ends of the spectrum: the unstoppable Toronto Ultra and the struggling Minnesota ROKKR.

Dominating Performance by Toronto Ultra

The Toronto Ultra proved to be a force to be reckoned with in Major III, securing the highest win rate of the tournament with an impressive 77.8%. Out of the nine games they played, the team managed to secure seven victories, losing only two matches. This outstanding performance showcases the immense talent and synergy within the team, solidifying their position as a top contender in the eSports arena.

Disappointing Results for Minnesota ROKKR

On the other hand, the Minnesota ROKKR faced a challenging time during Major III, unable to secure a single victory throughout the event. With a win rate of 0%, the team suffered six losses and left the tournament empty-handed. As the ROKKR regroups and strategize for future events, fans hope to see a more competitive side from the team in upcoming tournaments.

Individual Standouts: Pred and Bance

Notable individual performances also caught the attention of eSports enthusiasts throughout Major III. The best player based on Kill/Death (K/D) ratio was Pred from the Seattle Surge, who achieved an outstanding 1.25 K/D. This impressive statistic highlights Pred’s exceptional gameplay and ability to eliminate opponents while staying alive, a crucial factor for any team’s success.

In contrast, the lowest K/D ratio was held by Bance from the Minnesota ROKKR, with a 0.77 K/D. While a single player’s performance may not solely determine the success or failure of a team, Bance’s struggles during Major III serve as a reminder that improvement is always possible and that every player contributes to the overall team dynamic.

Major III Recap: Toronto Ultra and OpTic Texas Shine, Atlanta FaZe Excel in Team K/D

In the adrenaline-fueled landscape of the Call of Duty Major III tournament, the Toronto Ultra and OpTic Texas emerged as dominant forces, showcasing exceptional gameplay and team dynamics. Meanwhile, Atlanta FaZe exhibited an impressive team K/D, proving their strength even with a lower win rate.

Toronto Ultra: Unstoppable Force

The Toronto Ultra cemented their status as a top team in Major III, earning a phenomenal 7 wins and only 2 losses. This dominating performance, with a 77.8% win rate, truly set the Ultra apart from their competitors, demonstrating their undeniable prowess in the virtual battlefield.

OpTic Texas: Home Advantage

Not to be overshadowed, OpTic Texas also delivered an outstanding performance at their home event, securing 8 wins and 4 losses. This strong showing placed them among the elite in Major III, as they capitalized on their home-field advantage to propel themselves to success.

Atlanta FaZe: Team K/D Kings

Though Atlanta FaZe’s win rate did not match that of Toronto Ultra or OpTic Texas, their team K/D ratio told a different story. Atlanta FaZe dominated Major III in terms of team K/D, proving that they possess incredible firepower and a deep understanding of game mechanics. This impressive performance highlights their potential to surge ahead in future tournaments.

Major III Showcases Talent: Top 6 Players from 6 Different Teams Shine

The Major III Call of Duty tournament not only brought intense competition but also displayed the incredible individual talent found within the eSports scene. Six exceptional players from six different teams stood out, proving that the future of Call of Duty is bright and brimming with potential.

  1. Pred (Seattle Surge): Dominating the Battlefield

Leading the pack is Pred from the Seattle Surge, boasting an impressive 1.25 K/D ratio. His exceptional skills in eliminating opponents while staying alive make him a valuable asset to his team and a force to be reckoned with on the virtual battlefield.

  1. Cellium (Atlanta FaZe): Precision and Power

Atlanta FaZe’s Cellium showcased his prowess with a remarkable 1.20 K/D ratio. His ability to expertly navigate the game and efficiently take down opponents makes him a player to watch in future tournaments.

  1. Scrapz (Toronto Ultra): Major III Winner’s Star

As a key component of the Major III-winning Toronto Ultra, Scrapz played a significant role in the team’s success, achieving an impressive 1.19 K/D ratio. His talent and teamwork shone brightly throughout the tournament.

  1. Hydra (New York Subliners): Emerging Talent

New York Subliners’ Hydra demonstrated his skill and potential with a solid 1.12 K/D ratio. As an emerging talent in the Call of Duty eSports scene, Hydra’s performance in Major III proved he’s a player to keep an eye on.

  1. Owakening (Boston Breach): Rising Star

Owakening from Boston Breach displayed his mastery of the game by securing a 1.11 K/D ratio. This rising star’s performance during Major III highlights the depth of talent found in the Call of Duty eSports community.

  1. Nastie (London Royal Ravens): Consistent Competitor

Rounding out the top six is Nastie from the London Royal Ravens, who earned a commendable 1.09 K/D ratio. As a consistent competitor, Nastie’s performance in Major III solidifies his status as a key player in the Call of Duty eSports landscape.

2023 CDL SEASON – Top 4 Players by K/D Ratio

As the Call of Duty season progresses, a handful of players have risen above the rest, proving their exceptional skill and prowess on the virtual battlefield. Organized by Kill/Death (K/D) ratio, here are the top four players of the season so far:

  1. Cellium (Atlanta FaZe): Unparalleled Precision – 1.23 K/D

At the top of the list is Cellium from Atlanta FaZe, boasting an unrivaled K/D ratio of 1.23. His impressive gameplay and unmatched accuracy make him a formidable presence in the eSports scene, as he leads his team to greater heights.

  1. Pred (Seattle Surge): Consistent Dominance – 1.18 K/D

Pred from Seattle Surge has cemented his position as one of the best players this season, with a solid 1.18 K/D ratio. His consistent dominance in the game serves as a testament to his skill and dedication, making him an integral part of his team’s success.

  1. Scump (OpTic Texas): The Retired King – 1.18 K/D

Scump, also known as “The King,” was a key player for OpTic Texas before retiring after Major 1. Despite his retirement, his legacy endures, as he shares the second spot with Pred, boasting an impressive 1.18 K/D ratio. Scump’s remarkable achievements will undoubtedly continue to inspire future players.

  1. Scrapz (Toronto Ultra): Steadfast Competitor – 1.16 K/D

Rounding out the top four is Scrapz from Toronto Ultra, with a commendable K/D ratio of 1.16. As a steadfast competitor, Scrapz’s performance in the season demonstrates his unwavering commitment to excellence, making him a valuable asset to his team.

Major III Finale: Toronto Ultra Defeats OpTic Texas on Home Turf

The thrilling conclusion of Major III saw two powerhouse teams, OpTic Texas and Toronto Ultra, face off in a high-stakes showdown. Despite playing on their home turf, OpTic Texas couldn’t withstand the relentless onslaught of the Toronto Ultra, who claimed victory with a decisive 4-2 win.

Round 1: Hardpoint Showdown at Zarqwa Hydroelectric

The first round saw the two teams battling it out in Hardpoint on Zarqwa Hydroelectric. Toronto Ultra secured the victory, racking up an impressive 250 points to OpTic Texas’ 170. This initial win set the tone for the rest of the match and provided Toronto with the momentum they needed to dominate the series.

Round 2: Nail-Biting Search & Destroy at Breenbergh Hotel

In the second round, the teams faced off in an intense Search & Destroy match at the Breenbergh Hotel. The competition was fierce, but Toronto Ultra narrowly secured the win with a 6-5 victory, further cementing their lead in the series.

Round 3: Control Battle at El Asilo

The third and final round featured a gripping Control match at El Asilo. Toronto Ultra demonstrated their strategic prowess and skill, claiming victory with a 3-2 score and clinching the championship title.

Individual Performance Highlights

Toronto Ultra’s Scrapz delivered a standout performance during the finale, boasting an impressive 1.33 K/D ratio. The second-best K/D ratio in the match was held by Insight, also from Toronto Ultra, with a 1.11 K/D. On the OpTic Texas side, Dashy emerged as the best performer with a 1.02 K/D, marking the only positive K/D ratio for the team in the final match.

In conclusion, the Major III finale showcased the exceptional talent and teamwork of the Toronto Ultra, as they overcame OpTic Texas on their home ground. With captivating gameplay and individual standouts such as Scrapz, the Call of Duty eSports scene continues to deliver excitement and drama, leaving fans eager for the next tournament.