How To Get Easy Lobbies in Warzone – SBMM Manipulation Explained

Last updated May 14, 2022
SBMM has been an inseperable part of Call of Duty: Warzone. While Activision says nothing about its existence, there is clear proof of SBMM being active at all times, be it Warzone Battle Royale or Multiplayer. It even exists across the multiple COD titles that are integrated into Warzone! And if a system exists, people […]

SBMM has been an inseperable part of Call of Duty: Warzone. While Activision says nothing about its existence, there is clear proof of SBMM being active at all times, be it Warzone Battle Royale or Multiplayer. It even exists across the multiple COD titles that are integrated into Warzone! And if a system exists, people will always try to exploit it. Warzone players have been trying to manipulate SBMM for months, and have found multiple methods of doing so. Today, we will guide you through the best methods to manipulate SBMM and get Easy Lobbies in Warzone Pacific.

What is SBMM? And why do people want to exploit it?

SBMM stands for Skill-Based Match Making. It basically forces high-skilled players into lobbies with other high-skilled players, and the same goes for lower-skilled players. In a nutshell, it is designed to make the gameplay fair amongst different skill groups.

While it sounds good in theory, sometimes it doesn’t work well. It can put Pro Streamers into Bot Lobbies, and Low-skill players into Tournament-tier matches. Also, it is incredibly strict at times. SBMM will force you to compete against stereotypical TTV Sweats – whether you like it or not. This can ruin your fun if you are looking to mess around with your friends after a hard day of work. It also hinders the ability to drop High Kill Wins and Highlight Clips for content creators. And unlike Ranked Playlists, which reward winning against similarly-skilled opponents with special rewards, SBMM gives no indication of success, rating, or anything really. It only gives you a bad temper most of the time. If you are interested, here is a video explaining Warzone’s/MW’s SBMM more in-depth.

How SBMM Manipulation Works

Now that we figured out what SBMM is and how it affects Warzone Lobbies, let’s try and cheat the system. Here is the main trick we are going to use: in Warzone, you can use certain methods to force the system to put you into easy lobbies. Those methods are centered around Queue Times – in certain circumstances, beacuse the game doesn’t want you to wait for too long to queue into a similar-skill lobby, it just puts you into a Low-Skill Lobby. Why low skill lobbies? Because there is a LOT of Low-Skilled players, and it is easy for the game to just put you there instead of taking care of your queue for precious minutes. Warzone makes that decision when there are not enough similar-skilled players queueing at the same time and region as you. And the best part is, we can trick the game into making that decision most of the time! After weeks and months of testing, we have confidently come up with the best methods of SBMM Manipulation and Getting Easy Lobbies.

Note: If you are below 0.7K/D, SBMM is already mostly on your side. You can still try the methods listed below, but they might not be effective.

SBMM-Focused VPNs

Important note: we do not advise you to use VPNs as we don’t really know if Ricochet considers using a VPN as a cheating method or not. This article is simply to relate the methods to impact SBMM. 

“VPN” stands for Virtual Private Network. While it is used to provide secure connections in the real world, in gaming, and Warzone specifically, it has a special use. Enter NoLag VPN.

NoLag VPN manipulates Warzone’s SBMM in a unique way. It makes Warzone think that you are from a different, specific region. Since in those regions queue times are longer for high skilled players, SBMM will force you into lower-skilled lobbies, to avoid making you wait for too long (Reminder that statistically, the overwhelming majority of Warzone players make up those “Bot Lobbies”). However, unlike other geolocation based VPNs, NoLag does not increase your connection latency. This is also the reason most Pro Streamers are accused of “VPN-ing for easy lobbies”. For only 60$ per year (basically a triple A title), you can gain access to the Files that while run with OpenVPN Connect, should help you get Bot Lobbies

Here is what the NoLag Profiles look like on OpenVPN.

Now, Does this actually work? Well, it’s complicated. The way it works isn’t magically giving you 0.4kd Lobbies all the time. It instead increases the average chance for you to get a bot lobby. However, on average, it will get you better, or, easier lobbies. For me specifically, using South Africa files decreased my average lobby KDs by around 0.05-0.1 – which is a very noticable difference.


Playing In The Morning (Yes, we are serious)

Did you know that playing in the morning-afternoon gets you WAY easier lobbies than playing in the evening? We discovered this on accident, but we found out the reason it works. During early hours, less people are playing, and the game forces you into Easy Lobbies so you don’t wait for too long. The hours at which you should play for this method vary, but most of the time it is between 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM. Playing at that time reduced my lobbies to a 0.80~ average KD, which is absolutely insane. We have also tried playing at midnight and 1 AM – 5AM, but the results were not so different. By using both the VPN and the Morning Method, I was able to consistently get 0.70~ KD and below Lobbies. This is the most game-breaking discovery we have made about SBMM yet. It is also why most “sweats” play the game at seemingly strange hours. Important thing to note is that for different regions and timezones, the wanted playtime may vary.

Average Lobby KDs on Caldera Solos and Rebirth Quads using VPN + Morning Lobbies (4 different sessions)

Solo Squadding

For some reason, probably because of the way Team KDs are calculated, playing Solo Squads, Solo Duos, or Solo Trios will get you slightly easier lobbies than playing with your team. So chose whisely, playing with your homies or frying for the 40s!

Additional Information

An important thing to know is that these methods do not work 100% of the time. Most of them work most of the time, but sometimes even they can’t help. Also, Reverse Boosting and Not Playing for a long time can affect your SBMM, but they are not consistant and effective methods of SBMM Manipulation. There are probably even more crazy methods, but we are not aware of them yet. Also, the methods can have different effects on Caldera and Rebirth matches. Also, we do not exclude the fact that sometimes SBMM just has a f&%$ing stroke. It can randomly put you in a very high or low skilled lobby – completely randomly. As far as we know, there are no methods to counter or take advantage of this.


We hoped you find this information useful, and we wish you the lowest KD lobbies available! If you’re wondering what weapons to use in those lobbies, make sure to check out our Loadout Warehouse – – and stay tuned for future guides and articles!



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