STG 44 and Marco 5 is my favorite loadout for Titanium Trial!

Written by Warzone Loadout

Last updated Aug 12, 2022
The best Titanium Trial loadout! STG and Marco will give you a super mobile and best in class time to kill. Loadouts and more!

Alright so I’ve played a lot of Titanium trial games today in order to find the best loadout for my playstyle. I tried all the guns that are in this article and finally found my favorite combo loadout for this game mode.

Best primary for Titanium Trial

I tried the KG M40 but did not have a good feeling with it, even if i still believe this is the absolute meta for this game mode. I prefer the mobility of the STG 44 over the slightly better ttk of the KG M40. I also decided to try multiple LMG, including the UGM-8, PKM and MG42. The UGM felt great to be honest, and you can use it either on full auto or burst. All the other LMG i tried felt either too slow or not killing fast enough.

So in the end, my favorite long range gun for titanium trial is the STG-44.

The best STG 44 Loadout for Titanium Trial:

  • muzzle: MX SILENCER
  • barrel: VDD 760MM 05B
  • optic: SVT-40 PU SCOPE 3-6X
  • stock: VDD 34S WEIGHTED
  • underbarrel: M1941 HAND STOP
  • magazine: 7.62 GORENKO 50 ROUND MAGS
  • rear grip: HATCHED GRIP
  • proficiency: SLEIGHT OF HAND
  • ammo type: LENGTHENED

Best Secondary for Titanium Trial

For this category i’m really in between the Armaguerra and the Marco 5. I enjoy the feeling of the Armaguerra, but the consistency of the Marco 5 is what convinced me!

The best Marco 5 Loadout for Titanium Trial:

  • muzzle: RECOIL BOOSTER
  • barrel: PERFETTO LESTO 355MM
  • stock: IMERITO FR
  • underbarrel: MARK VI SKELETAL
  • magazine: 8MM NAMBU 64 ROUND DRUMS
  • rear grip: TAPED GRIP
  • proficiency: MOMENTUM
  • ammo type: SUBSONIC
  • kit: QUICK

With those two guns, you will have a super mobile loadout, but with a more than competitive time to kill!