STG-44 is still the best Assault Rifle according to the community

Written by Warzone Loadout

Jun 15, 2022
According to the community, the STG-44 is still the best Assault Rifle in Warzone despite a recent nerf and a massive buff of the NZ41.

The long range meta is currently dominated by three Assault Rifles: the STG-44, NZ41 and the BAR. In order to determine the community favorite AR, i dediced to run a little poll on my Twitter account, where i give the best loadouts for each of them and the poll survey. See for yourself the results:

STG-44 is still the absolute meta

Despite a recent nerf of the STG-44 and a massive buff of the NZ41, the STG is clearly still the true long range meta in the community’s mind. We see 45% of the voters going for the STG, 32% for the NZ41 and 13% for the Bar.

I think the reason why people still prefer the STG is simple: it’s way easier to use with no downside. The NZ41 has a bad bullet velocity and weird gun kick after shooting that makes it not really intuitive. The Bar is on the other hand having a low fire rate, even with the 8mm magazine, that makes it a really unforgiving weapon.