The best SMG for Warzone – Vanguard season 1

Written by Warzone Loadout

Last updated May 14, 2022

Introducing a new series of articles on the website, to help the community find the best loadouts in the most efficient way. We are already providing a complete meta ranking and loadouts for all the guns on the main page of the website, make sure to check it out!

Today we will review what are currently the top SMG in the game and what loadout you should use to make sure you have the right attachments!

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The best Welgun Loadout

The last gun added into the game is a beast. This Welgun loadout is 100% meta and you should all try it before they nerf it like they are used to do. 

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The best MP-40 Loadout

MP40 is still one of the best SMG to run in Warzone, even aftert the nerf. This gun cannot disapoint. 

Best MP40 Warzone Loadout
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The best PPSh-41 Hip Fire Loadout

This one is so fun.. the hip fire (no need to aim, just shoot) is insane on the PPSH-41. Just point the center of the screen towards your ennemy and this gun will handle the rest, trust me!

Best PPSh Hip Fire Warzone Loadout