The only loadout you need for iron trial 84

Written by Warzone Loadout

Last updated May 14, 2022
The Cold War AK47 is the absolute meta currently, and that's awesome. Pair it with a restock / stims class and dominate Iron Trial lobbies.

In a previous article, I explore the different opportunities that you have in order to select your weapons for the new game mode Iron Trial 84. I talk about the Xm4, the Bullfrog, PPSh-41, Mac-10 and more importantly the Cold War Ak47. Now let’s talk about this last one.

The Cold War AK47 is the absolute meta currently, and that’s awesome. The gun requires more skills than the previous meta (Krig-6) so we are in a what I like to call a “rewarding meta”, like the Amax era!

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Here is the loadout you should use in Iron Trial

As you probably noticed, we are using the Restock perk instead of Ghost or Overkill, and let me explain why:

  • The ground loot is really good and you don’t need to “waste” the second perk with Overkill. Just replace the Diamatti with a green PPSH-41 (71 round mag) or an LC10 that will allow you to kill and compete with your ennemies!
  • Stims are overpowered in Iron Trial. Indeed one of the biggest pain of this game mode is that your health is regenerating very slowly. That’s why you should use Stims and restock will allow you to have an infinite amount!

Now let’s deep dive into the AK47 class itself

As described in this article, we should use the following class for the Cold War Ak47 long range in Iron Trial:

  • Muzzle: GRU Suppressor
  • Barrel: 20” Spetsnaz RPK Barrel
  • Optic: Axial Arms x3
  • Ammunition: Bakelite 60 Rnd
  • Underbarrel: Spetsnaz Grip

We use the Bakelite 60 Round mag for the bigger ammo capacity that it necessary in the game mode! In normal Battle Royal, the 45 round mag could be enough for you.

Thank you for reading through the article, don’t hesitate to share it if you find it interesting or relevant!

Find bellow the two classes in image for the AK and the Diamatti.

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The AK47 build for IRON TRIAL


Note that this gun will probably be replaced by a ground loot smg, but i’ll just it here in case you are interested.