Introducing the new WSOW Tracker by CODMunity – World Series of Warzone

Last updated Jun 24, 2023
Immerse yourself in the World Series of Warzone with CODMunity’s advanced Tracker. Stay updated with stages, team info, and top competitors, all from the comfort of your device.

Unveiling CODMunity’s Latest Innovation: The World Series of Warzone Tracker

Meet the first and most advanced tracker to follow the World Series of Warzone events and stages.

About the WSOW Tracker

Located at, this unique tool offers a host of features to enhance your Warzone experience. Here’s what you can do with it:

  • Select the correct phase or stage of the WSOW (e.g., Stage 2 open qualifiers)
  • View a breakdown of all the teams attending a particular stage, along with their ranking
  • Access detailed information about each team’s performance per game
  • Find social network links for competitors, along with their profile pictures
  • Identify top competitors! If a competitor is in the top 250 of Warzone Ranked, you’ll see a little icon next to their name

You can also follow the top 250 rankings live of Warzone on this link:

WSOW Tracker - CODMunity
WSOW Tracker – CODMunity

About CODMunity

CODMunity is the most downloaded iOS and Android app for Warzone, and by far the most advanced meta ranking and loadout provider available. With over 800,000 downloads and a plethora of happy users, it’s a favorite among Warzone enthusiasts. The app is available in multiple languages for global accessibility.

About WSOW

The 2023 World Series of Warzone event started with the best Warzone 2 players competing in Al Mazrah. Stage 1 of the event was initially supposed to begin on April 28, but due to in-game issues, it was delayed. After a few weeks of additional development, the event got back on track.

During the event, teams first participated in an in-game open. From this, the top 50 trios from each region advanced to the Stage 1 Qualifiers. 25 of these teams then moved on to the Regional Finals, along with an additional 25 teams invited by Activision. The top 25 teams from the Stage 1 Regional Finals automatically qualified for the Regional Finals, whereas the bottom 25 teams had to pass through the Stage 2 Qualifiers.

Finally, 20 trios from both NA and EU, along with teams from other nations, will compete in the Global Final in September for a total prize of $600,000​.

The results for Stage 1 are as follows:

NA results:

  1. Aydan, HateAdriann, Rated: $30,000
  2. Almond, Newbz, Tommey: $21,000
  3. HusKerrs, UnRationaL, Scummn: $16,000
  4. HisokaT42, Skullface, Shifty: $13,000
  5. EyeQew, Ryda, Arrayyz: $10,000

EU results:

  1. Jukeyz, IVisionsR, Lenun: $30,000
  2. WarsZ, V8 Kingaj, Prxdigyeu_: $21,000
  3. Ayzenlr, Gromalok, IHeedz: $16,000
  4. Stweo, Patzukka, Enxiun: $13,000
  5. Jamafando, Louicm, Vapulear: $10,000​.

The official dates for the NA and EU qualifiers and regional finals were as follows:

  • NA Qualifiers: May 31, 10 AM PT
  • NA Regional Finals: June 7, 10 AM PT
  • EU Qualifiers: June 1, 10 AM PT
  • EU Regional Finals: June 8, 10 AM PT.

The NA and EU Regional Finals were streamed live on the official Call of Duty Twitch channel. As for the Qualifiers matches, fans had to tune in to individual competitors on YouTube and Twitch to watch from their perspective​.

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