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This entire website is dedicated towards helping the community find the best Warzone Loadouts. Browse through the meta ranking updated on a daily basis and explore the best class setup for all Warzone guns!

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What are the best perks for Warzone?

The perks are a crucial elements of your loadout. Currently there are some perks that are really emerging as the meta and let’s go through them.

Best Perk 1: 

  • Serpentine is currently the best first perk for Warzone. It allows the player to take less damage when running and we can all think of a time when we believed we were going to kill someone but thanks to Serpentine he escapes.
  • Honorable mention for Double Time and Cold Blooded that can also be usefull. Especially Cold Blooded allowing to counter the third perk Combat Scout.

Best Perk 2:

  • Overkill is obviously the most used perk in the sense that it is allowing you to get your favorite SMG with it.
  • Then in my opinion the Tempered Perk is currently super strong. Being able to get to full plates quicker than usual is what will allow you to take on multiple ennemies and finness.
  • Ghost is one of the community favorites despite being nerfed recently.

Best Perk 3:

  • Combat Scout is powerful right now as it highlights people you do damage to. This can help you track people through walls or bushes. And we know how many bushes there are on Caldera..
  • Amped is then the only reliable choice, especially if you use a sniper and you need to switch guns quickly!

Meta Ranking – Different Layers

Throughout the entire website, we use the same tiers in order to rank the power of each gun and loadouts. The litteral definition of “Meta” is Most Effective Tactics Available and represent basically the best setups/weapons/loadouts to use in Warzone. In theory, there could be only one meta, but with time the definition changed and simply means the best things to use. Meta can be used in all the games!

  • Absolute meta means the top part of the meta category. The guns you’ll find in the Absolute meta tier are not contestable and are used by all the pros and the majority of the community in Warzone. Stats are the best in class.
  • Meta are the guns that are also extremely powerfull and can be considered among the best to use, just a little bit under the absolute meta ones.
  • Meta Contenders are all the guns that on paper can compete with the meta guns in Warzone, based on stats mostly but that usually have some little downsides holding them down.  The magazine size for example or the level of zoom available.

What makes a gun Meta in Warzone?

There are multiple factors to take into account, starting by the maps you are playing on. It is a completely different meta wether you play on Caldera (big maps with a lot of space and long engagements) or on Fortunes Keep where the distances are smaller and you can rely more on mobility than recoil control.

  • First, we look at the statistics (not only the Time To Kill, all of them). It’s super important to get an overall feeling of a gun taking into account all stats like Time to Kill, Movement Speed, ADS Time, Reload Time, Damage per mag, bullet velocity, etc.
  • Then of course the recoil is crucial, and especially for long range loadouts. What’s the point of having the best theorical time to kill when you miss half of your bullets out of target?
  • Finally, we manually test the loadouts in order to for example understand what is the best recoil controlling rear grip, underbarrel or stock. You can follow us on Twitter in order to get daily loadout analysis and optimizations.

On top of all that, you need to add what i like to call the gun feeling. There are some guns that are great on paper: low recoil, good time to kill, etc. but just don’t have a good overall feeling due to accuracy and movement speed. This is also an important factor to take into account when building the Warzone Meta.

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