The best MUZZLE for your loadouts in Warzone 2 & MWII!

Written by Warzone Loadout

Last updated Feb 9, 2023
Today we will discuss one of the most important topics while building your loadouts: selecting your muzzle attachment and which ones are the best depending on the situation. If you don’t like reading, you watch the Youtube video and relax. It’s important to note that thanks to, we now have access to actual detailed, […]

Today we will discuss one of the most important topics while building your loadouts: selecting your muzzle attachment and which ones are the best depending on the situation. If you don’t like reading, you watch the Youtube video and relax.

It’s important to note that thanks to, we now have access to actual detailed, accurate data on statistics and the effects each attachment has on the behavior of the gun. Modern Warfare two and Warzone two systems can be overwhelming and confusing. You have many attachments for each slot you need to unlock on other weapons. Don’t worry; this is precisely why I’m here today. For each muzzle I selected to be the best in their playstyle, I will give you the pros, Cons, and How to unlock them.

Suppressors vs compensators

Ok, so now let’s move to the topic of the day. I will divide the article into two main categories of Muzzles: the suppressors and the compensators. You will always have to choose between these two, and there isn’t one universal answer for the best muzzle in the game.

The obvious advantage of the suppressors is the discretion capabilities and the fact that your position is less clear for your enemies. In Warzone 2, you are not showing on the minimap even if you have an unsuppressed weapon, so this somewhat removes the discretion aspect of the suppressors compared to the first iteration of Warzone. However, it’s been tested multiple times, and if your enemy is shooting a suppressed weapon, it will be extremely hard to locate precisely his position to take him down. On top of that, the suppressors I will mention during this video have the following advantages: an increase in bullet velocity, and a damage range multiplier. Some suppressors even have recoil control capabilities, which is why I believe suppressors are a must-use for long-range loadouts. However, you will increase your time to aim, but that’s normal.
The second category of the muzzle is the compensators. If you struggle with recoil, then you should consider using a compensator to mitigate the recoil. Now you need to choose wisely the one you want to use depending on the gun. Some guns will have more horizontal recoil, and others will be more vertical. The great news is that compensators are available for all scenarios, and this is what we will go through now. Quickly, the main advantages of compensators are horizontal and vertical recoil control. The disadvantages are like the suppressors, an increase in time to ADS, but we’ll see that the compensator hurts less the time to aim than the suppressors.

The best suppressors in warzone 2

Close Range suppressors

Let’s start with the suppressors and focus on the available ones for SMG. The two best suppressors for close-range submachine guns are the Singuard MKV and the XTEN RR-40. Both are very similar, with an increase in bullet velocity and an improvement in the damage range. The main difference is that the Singuard MKV provides some recoil control capabilities when the XTEN is not impacting recoil. But this comes with a price, and the increase of ADS time is 1.6 times higher on the Singuard. To summarize, you should use the Singuard MKV for sniper support, where you need more range and recoil control, but if you want something snappier and faster, go for the XTEN. In another way, if you play Al Mazrah with a sniper, equip your SMG with the Singuard MKV, but if you want to play the upcoming resurgence mode, I’m sure the XTEN will be a better option. Unlock the Singuard by leveling the Vel 46 to level 16 and the XTEN by leveling the PDSW to level 13.

Long Range Suppressors

Now, let’s jump to the best suppressors for long-range: the Harbinger D20 and the ZLR Talon 5. You will find one or the other depending on the gun, but it’s never a choice. Some guns have the ZLR, and others have the Harbinger available. Of all the suppressors available, they are tailored for the longer ranges: the best bullet velocity improvements and recoil control capabilities. The ADS time is also more impacted as everything is a trade-off in this game. If you want more range and recoil control, then you’ll lose some mobility. Seems fair and balanced. Unlock the Harbinger by leveling the STB 556 to level 18, and unlock the ZLR Talon 5 by leveling the TAQ M to level 22.

Mid range suppressors

Finally, for the suppressors, there are also excellent options for mid-range or the upcoming Ashika Island gameplay. You don’t always need the best bullet velocity or recoil control that kills your ADS time. The Polarfire and the Echoless-80 are fantastic for mid-range fights, and I truly believe they will be the meta in resurgence season 2. You get the same bullet velocity increase as the previous ones, but the difference is that you have a smaller impact on ADS and no recoil control bonus. Unlock the Polarfire-S at level 5 of the Lachmann 762 and the echoless at level 14 of the TAQ 56.

The best compensators for warzone 2

Compensators are more straightforward to select. Pretty much all of them will have the same negative impact, which is an addition of 40ms to the ADS time, so to select the right one, you should look at the recoil control you need. And this is an individual decision for every gun. Nothing easier to identify if you need vertical or horizontal recoil control focus. Go to the firing range, select the gun you want to build, and shoot at the wall. Then analyze the recoil pattern with the bullet impacts. If you see something very bouncy from right to left or quite anarchical, you need to focus on Horizontal recoil control with your muzzle. If, on the contrary, the pattern is close to a straight line with vertical amplitude, then you can choose a vertical control compensator.

Note that you will not find the same compensator on submachine guns and long-range weapons. For close-range guns, my favorite horizontal compensator is the Lacerta compensator. You need to unlock it via the Bas-P at level 22, and it’s fantastic to make an SMG feel less bouncy. The XTEN razor comp is also a great alternative. When it comes to long-range horizontal, it’s between the SA Leveler 55 and the Komodo Heavy. They have the same impact with a strong focus on horizontal recoil control.

Regarding the vertical control compensators, in my opinion, the best available for an SMG is the XRK Sandstorm, reducing any vertical amplitude of your gun. Bruen Pendulum is also a great alternative. And for long-range, the Sakin Tread-40 is great regarding vertical recoil capabilities.

Finally, just a quick word, sometimes you need both vertical and horizontal control, and some compensators are built for that.