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Gorenko anti-tank Loadout

The best Gorenko anti-tank Warzone loadout


MX Silencer
420mm Empress
SVT-40 PU Scope 3-6X
Reinforced Stock
13mm AM 10 Round Mags
Stippled Grip
FMJ Rounds
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Nerfs & Buffs of the Gorenko anti-tank


Bullet Dropoff increased
Fire Rate decreased to 111 RPM, down from 120 RPM
420mm Empress
– Muzzle Velocity decreased to 43%, down from 50%
– Visual Recoil increased
400mm Kovalevskaya Wrap
– ADS Time Penalty decreased to -2%, up from -5%
440mm Anastasia Custom
– Muzzle Velocity increased to 25%, up from 20%
– Rate of Fire Penalty decreased to -50%, up from -100%
– Crouch Recoil Control decreased to 25%, down from 40%
– Prone Recoil Control decreased to 35%, down from 67%
13mm AM 7 Round Mags
– ADS Time Penalty increased to -5%, down from -4%
13mm AM 10 Round Mags
– ADS Time Penalty increased to -6%, down from -4.5%


Bullet Velocity decreased to 900, down from 980

Description of the Gorenko anti-tank

The Gorenko Anti-tank is a weapon added into Warzone at the launch of Caldera. Official description: Heavy semi-automatic anti-tank rifle with devastating performance against infantry and vehicles alike.

We’ve seen a lot of Gorenko during the World Series of Warzone, and it was only time that this monster was discovered.

Strengths of the Gorenko anti-tank

The Gorenko is currently the best sniper in the game and might be a little bit to powerfull. Indeed, the fire rate is 10 times faster than the 3-Line Rifle, but the bullet velocity is also almost hitscan. Which means you don’t need to anticipate the lead of the bullet or the drop, it will pretty much hit where you are aiming!

One shot at any ranges in the head!

The Gorenko does not have the usual Lengthened ammo type available, but considering the bullet velocity is already best in class, then it’s even better to use FMJ. This means that with the Gorenko you now have a hitscan sniper, with insane fire rate close to a tactical rifle and you can also shoot people through walls.

Weaknesses of the Gorenko anti-tank

The Gorenko remains a heavy sniper, which means that it’s quite slow. ADS Time is not the best in the category at all, but it’s honnestly compensated with the insane fire rate and no rechamber time.

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Launch date of the Gorenko anti-tank

At Vanguard integatrion within Warzone.

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