The best iron trial 84 loadouts

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Last updated May 14, 2022
The best loadouts for Iron Trial 84 are Cold War Ak17, Xm4, PPSh and Bullfrog. Check out the best builds here!

On the 16th of September, Warzone introduced a new game mode called Iron Trial. This mode is basically normal Battle Royal on steroids. Double the health & no automatic loadout droping, so you have to buy one for your team! And the price is not 10’000 but 15’000 now.. This game mode has already received huge success and approval from the community, and is definitely going in the right direction!

Due to the double health specificity, the Iron Trial ‘s loadout require some modifications to your usual loadouts and this is the goal of this article. Also, consider that the ground loot in this limited game mode is really really good so you might want to adapt your strategy and take ghost right away! Some of the following selected weapons are coming from the latest TrueGameData video.

Be carefull, as the loadout is now 15k and none will fall from the sky, you probably will only have 1 loadout per game, so choose your perks wisely. Go ghost with a ground loot SMG, or go overkill to use two personalized guns!

Note that there are obviously some other great guns to use in Iron Trial, but the four i present bellow are really good ones that will for sure not disapoint you.

The best perks for iron trials

Due to change of parameters, some perks are now more relevant in Iron Trial than in normal Battle Royal

  • Quick Fix: Allows you to start your health generation when you down/finish an ennemy! As your health is coming back slower in Iron Trial, Quick Fix could give you a certain advantage against opponents that don’t have it.
  • Restock: Pair restock with Stims in order to get full life way quicker than the normal process! Restock to never lack of it.

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The best Assault rifles for iron trial

You need to think about this game mode in terms of damage per magazine. The usual 45 round mags are not enough as you need (approximately) double the bullets to down one ennemy.

1. Cold War ak47

The cold war Ak47 is since the nerf of the Krig, Stoner and Fara one of the best (if not THE best) weapon to run as primary. It requires a lot of shooting and recoil control skills, but if you have them, you will destroy all your ennemies..

Use the 60 round instead of the usual 45 round

Excellent damage profile, and manageable recoil!

  • Muzzle: GRU Suppressor
  • Barrel: 20” Spetsnaz RPK Barrel
  • Optic: Axial Arms x3
  • Ammunition: Bakelite 60 Rnd
  • Underbarrel: Spetsnaz Grip

2. XM4

Same thing as the CW AK47, the XM4 is now a great contender for the meta. One thing for sure is that the XM4 is more forgiving to use than the Ak in the sense that it has less recoil and an insane neck multiplier (same damage if you hit the neck ot the head with the XM4!)

  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
  • Barrel: 13.5′ Task Force
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip
  • Ammunition: 60 Rnd
  • Optic: SUSAT Multizoom

The XM4 and the CW AK47 are two extremely good weapons to use in Iron trial, but you also have good other options like the C58, EM2 or MG82. Click on the names to get the best loadouts for those guns!

The best SMG for IRON TRIAL

If you choose to go overkill and not ghost, then you will need to use an SMG capable of downing two people with double the health as usual! Aim for the biggest mags and great damage ranges.

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1. PPSH-41

The PPSH-41 is probably the best SMG to use for Iron Trial (and Verdansk in general!)

Up to 71 bullets in the magazine, awesome mobility and great damage range. Iif you prefer to use an optic, just replace the barrel with any optic that you want.

  • Muzzle: GRU Suppressor
  • Barrel: 15.7′ Task Force
  • Laser: Tiger Team Spotlight
  • Ammunition: 71 Rnd Mag
  • Underbarrel: Bruiser Grip

2. Bullfrog

The Bullfrog is one of the most popular weapon in the game, and you should definitely think about this gun for Iron Trial.

The perks are very similar to the PPSH: great mag capacity, good mobility and damage range!

  • Muzzle: GRU Suppressor
  • Barrel: 7.4′ Task Force
  • Laser: Tiger Team Spotlight
  • Ammunition: Spetsnaz 85 Rnd
  • Underbarrel: Bruiser Grip

3. Mac-10

The Mac-10 will always be an extremely powerfull weapon in Warzone. With an insane mobility and great fire rate, this gun is the perfect combo between movement speed and mid-range capabilities.

The Mac will never let you down.

  • Muzzle: AgencySuppressor
  • Barrel: 5.9′ Task Force
  • Laser: Tiger Team Spotlight
  • Ammunition: Stanag 53 Rnd Drum
  • Underbarrel: Raider Stock

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