Sledgehammer Games, in a surprising move, has decided to take the nostalgia path for the maps in Modern Warfare III. Rather than creating new maps that might receive mixed reactions from the players, they have chosen to remaster 16 fan-favorite locations from the iconic 2009 release, Modern Warfare 2. This decision aims to bring back the exhilarating experiences and memories that players cherished from the past.

It’s been confirmed by the phone number you can chat with, if you ask for locations it will reply with a confirmation of the map!

Let’s take a closer look at the selection of maps available at launch in Modern Warfare III:

1. Terminal

2. Afghan

3. Estate

4. Wasteland

5. Karachi

6. Rundown

7. Invasion

8. derail

9. skidrow

10. underpass

11. sub base

12. quarry

13. favela

14. highrise

15. rust

16. scrapyard

Modern Warfare III’s choice to remaster beloved MW2 maps signifies an appreciation for what made the series iconic. With the return of these legendary maps, players are in for a nostalgic treat that combines the best of past and present.