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All articles about H4 Blixen in one place! Enjoy! 🙂

Is the new H4 Blixen SMG the absolute meta?

As seen in a previous article, the H4 Blixen is the new SMG released with the season 3 reloaded of Call Of Duty Vanguard and that can be used directly in Warzone too. So, is the H4 Blixen actually good in Warzone? Is it meta and better than the established meta smg...

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We are getting a new SMG for season 3 reloaded!

We are getting a new SMG with the new season 3 reloaded update! According to the recent blog post from Raven, it should be able to compete with the reigning Owen Gun! Would be nice to see a new close range meta cause players are tired of the Owen and most of the...

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