Why the close range meta is almost perfectly balanced?

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Last updated Jun 2, 2022
The current SMG meta is very packed and well balanced. Loadouts for the best smg!

We all know it, the developers of Warzone are regularly updating the game in order to balance the various weapons we have in the game. There are more than 170 guns available in Warzone right now, and we can only imagine how hard it must be to have a balanced pool of weapons. Of course, it’s almost impossible to reach a state where ALL the guns are usable, but it’s great to see that there are more than 30 weapons that are currently at the minimum viable in Warzone.

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The long range Meta

Just a word on the long range meta, before investigating the close range. Before the season 3 update, i believe the long range meta was more balanced that it is now. The STG-44 is really above the competition right now, mostly thanks to an insane bullet velocity, great mobility, great TTK and low recoil.

All STG-44 Warzone Loadouts

The Bar is also getting some love recently, but require a little bit more skills than the STG-44. It’s an high risk high reward gun, especially if you hit headshots.

All BAR Warzone Loadouts

There are other weapons that can be considered as meta in the long range category, make sure to check out the meta ranking to explore those options.

Close range Meta

Yesterday, i published a poll on my Twitter profile asking people what is their favorite SMG between the Type 100, Welgun, H4 Blixen and the Armaguerra. Check-out the results of this survey:

Is it not amazing that after 7’000+ votes, those 4 guns are almost tied and in the 20-30% range? This, is what i call an open meta, with multiple guns that are amazing to play with without being outgunned by others. Note that in the reply there are many mentions of the MP-40 too, that is clearly making a comeback after the recent nerfs of the Owen Gun.

Now let’s deep dive into each of those weapons and show the best loadouts!

H4 Blixen Warzone Loadout

Is the H4 Blixen the new absolute meta?

The H4 Blixen is the new SMG released with the season 3 reloaded update the 22nd of May.

It’s probably the most versatile close range gun in Warzone right now. It’s amazing whether you want to use it as an aggressive loadout or a sniper support.
You cannot be disappointed with it.

[get_class_loadout name=”H4 Blixen”]

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Type 100 Warzone Loadout

My Favorite gun right now, and the true absolute meta in terms of time to kill.

It’s only held down by the magazine size (36 if you want the good TTK) so that’s why i would not advise this gun to be used in Trio or Quads. But i’ve seen some streamer use it in Quads and still destroy their opponents.

[get_class_loadout name=”Type 100″]

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Welgun Warzone Loadout

Super fun to use, the Welgun is the perfect combo between mobility and time to kill! You cannot be disappointed with the welgun!

[get_class_loadout name=”Welgun”]

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Armaguerra Warzone Loadout

Probably the second most versatile weapon right now after the H4 Blixen! So many ways to build it with short or long barrel and still have great stats!

[get_class_loadout name=”Armaguerra 43″]

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