GS Magna

Warzone 2 | Pistol
GS Magna


SA Comp Barrel
Bruen Warrior Grip
13 Round Mag
.50 Pistol Overpressured +P
Rear Grip
GS Magna Akimbo

Description of the GS Magna

“This fully automatic .50 GS boasts a thunderous rate of fire and enough power to put an end to anyone foolish enough to cross your path. Hold down the trigger and let this .50 Cal speak for itself.”

If the X13 Auto is good for mobility and the FTAC Siege’s strength is in versatility, this sidearm is built for raw power. This weapon uses the exact same cartridge and most attachments as the semi-automatic .50 GS, including the ability to go akimbo and absolutely pulverize enemies at close-range.

Be careful what you wish for, however: this great power comes with the responsibility of managing some incredibly high recoil. However, the Operators who can tame this beast of a sidearm will be handsomely rewarded with a secondary that can easily compete at extreme-close ranges.

How to unlock the GS Magna?

30 headshot kills using the .50 GS

Launch date of the GS Magna

Season 3 Reloaded – May 10 2023