What is the best ammo type for Warzone?

Written by Warzone Loadout

Last updated Aug 8, 2022
What is the best ammo type to use for close range loadouts? Hollow point, Subsonic, Lengthened, etc. Stats and recommendations!

This is probably the question that i’m asked the most about my loadouts: how do i select my ammo type and why? Indeed, if for long range the answer will in 99% of the scenarios to use the Lengthened ammo, the answer is not as easy for close range loadouts.

In this article i will take the example of the Marco 5 meta loadout and will compare the average time to kill (by sym) using the different ammo types.

Ammo type tested in this article:

  • Lengthened: bullet velocity increase
  • Incendiary: fire bullets.
  • Hollow Point: additional limb damage.
  • Frangible: delay healing for enemies.
  • Subsonic: like a suppressor, you will not show on the mini map.

Time to kill depending on ammo type

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First of all, please note that Frangible, Lengthened and Subsonic have the exact same values no matter the range and are displayed as the green line.

  • Incendiary has been nerfed into the ground and is sadly not a viable option anymore. it was the meta at the beginning of Caldera but not anymore.
  • Hollow Point provides the best average time to kill and that makes sense due to the fact that limb damage is increased so by definition the average time to kill will be better. Remember that this AVG TTK is an excellent stat to compare weapons and do some benchmarks, but in reality you will not effectively have this time to kill cause most of the bullets will go to the torso and maybe some of them to the head or limbs.
  • Hollow point is also reducing the damage range by 2 meters in the case of the Marco 5.
  • Frangible, Subsonic and Lengthened do not impact the average Time to kill or the damage range at all. it’s actually the same as if you played without ammo type. This mean you can use those ammo type without having any downside and this is great.

What is the best ammo type for close range loadouts?

Well, first of all i think we can exclude both Incendiary and Lengthened from the equation. Incendiary has too many downside and impact on the time to kill. Lengthened does not impact TTK and provides a better bullet velocity but let’s face it, it’s not important at all for close range fights. If we were to discuss sniper support loadouts, then Lengthened should definitely be included.

Frangible could be an option, but in a Battle Royale or even resurgence, it’s in my opinion way better to not be showed on the mini map than to delay your enemies healing. Especially when there are ways to counter frangible with stims or quick fix perk.

So it’s between Subsonic and Hollow point: the answer depends on your playstyle and what you are looking for. In my opinion, being discreet on the map is more important than having few ms better theoretical TTK but with less damage range. This is why on most of my close range loadouts, you will see Subsonic and not Hollow Point.