How to have three weapons in Warzone 2.0

It is now possible to have more than two guns while playing Warzone 2. This is an amazing feature that will allow you to carry for example:

  • One SMG for close range fights
  • One Assault Rifle for mid-range fights
  • One sniper for long range shots

How to get more than two guns in Warzone 2.0

Well the answer is quite simple, you just have to find a medium or a large backpack. Backpacks have been introduced into Warzone 2 and even if they required a little bit of design and interface improvements, they can be a great asset anyone should leverage.

With backpacks you can for example:

  • Have up to three weapons
  • Store 12 plates
  • Store multiple self-revives (Yes i know)
  • Store multiple airstikes
  • Have a huge stack of the ammunition you need

How to store the 3rd weapon in your backpack

First you need to find a large or medium backpack. Once this is the case, look at the weapon you would like to store as a third and instead on switching weapon, you'll see that there is also an option "Hold to stow"

Do this and you'll have now three weapons on you. Navigate to your backpack and select equip to switch guns!

The best strategy to have with three weapons in WZ2

Now that you know how to use this awesome new feature, here is my recommendation on the type of guns you should aim to carry.

First, a sniper is a must i believe in order to handle those super long shots, even if they don't always one shot in the head. My suggestion would be to use either the MCPR-300 or the SP-X 80.

Then, a mid range Assault rifle would be nice and for that i'm recommending two of the best Assault Rifle in the game right now: the TAQ-56 and the Kastov 762.

Finally a mobile SMG will complete perfectly your setup! And for that, the MX9 or the Fennec are currently the two best options.

Video explaining how to get three weapons in Warzone 2