How to reduce recoil for long range loadouts in Warzone 2

Recoil for long range loadouts can be a little bit more difficult than what we were used to in Warzone 1. Previously the long range meta loadouts were usually the attachments reducing the recoil to the minimum. This is different for Warzone 2, more recoil control is not always the best attachments due to the big cons it's implying. For example if we look at suppressors, the Harbinger seems to be the best for recoil control, but the ADS time is really impacted. That's why you've probably seen a lot of loadout posts with the Echoless/Echoline suppressors that are more hybrid between recoil control/bullet velocity and mobility.

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How to build long range loadouts with low recoil in Warzone 2?

There is no unique secret sauce when it comes to absolute minimum recoil setup because attachments change a lot from a gun to another. But i found a combo that is working pretty much everytime and that will guarantee a low recoil.

  • Muzzle: Sakin Tread-40

This muzzle helps a lot with both Vertical and Horizontal recoil. You can tune it to max recoil control.

  • Barrel: long/recoil control barrel

For the barrel there is no universal attachment, it's usually shared between platforms and can be unique to weapons. You want to look for the barrel that increases recoil control and bullet velocity. Ideally also damage range. Tune it for max recoil control and bullet velocity.

  • Optic: SZ SR0-7

Now this is where it's interesting. Previously, optics like the VLK 3.0, Axial Arms x3 or SVT-pu x3 x6, where not only giving perfect zoom, but also reducing the recoil. This is not the case anymore. Both VLK 4.0 and Schlager 3.4x are increasing the visual recoil. This is why we've seen a lot of pro loadouts for long range without any optic! I personally believe this is not a possibility for the "casual" player and this is why this SZ SR0-7 optic is perfect.

  • Underbarrel: VX Pineapple

This point is dividing the community. Many creators are recommending the FTAC Ripper 56 or the Commando foregrip. According to all my testing i find the Pineapple to be the best compromise between recoil control consistency and ADS time. But honnestly, the difference between these underbarrels is very small so use the one you prefer!

  • Magazine: Big mag

Usually the 50 or 60 round mag.