How to unlock the M13B in Warzone 2 (Regular and fastest way)

The M13B is one of the new weapon available with season 1, and the way to unlock it is a little bit specific. Indeed, you need to do it in the mode called DMZ.

How to unlock the M13B in DMZ the regular way

Launch a game of DMZ with your friends and start by looting a little bit. You'll need good weapons in order to do the challenge and unlock the M13. Find a gas mask too ideally.

Then you need to go the radiation zone and you want to find a AI called "the chemist". He is the only one with a yellow suit.

Kill the chemist, grab the M13B that should be on his body, and go to an extraction point. Then, exfill and the M13 will be unlocked in your weapons. Ready for Warzone 2!

How to unlock the M13B in DMZ the fast way

  1. Find someone that has already unlocked the M13B
  2. Start a DMZ game together
  3. This person will drop the M13B to you
  4. Grab the M13B
  5. Exfill with the M13B of your friend in your hands
  6. There you go, it's unlocked!

Full Youtube guide