How to select the best suppressor for Warzone 2

In Warzone 2 you have a lot of muzzle options available. The muzzle being a universal attachment, it can be super tricky (& a little bit messy) to make sure you have the perfect one for your needs. In this How to guide, we look at specifically the suppressors and which one you should use for long range loadouts.

The best suppressors in Warzone 2

Harbinger D20 & Kastovia D90

  • Mobility: Super Slow
  • Recoil Control: Super good
  • Bullet velocity: Super good

Echoless-80 & Polarfire-S

  • Mobility: In between, there is an ads time penalty but not really significant.
  • Recoil Control: Good
  • Bullet velocity: Good

Echoless GS-X

  • Mobility: Good mobility and low ads time penalty
  • Recoil Control: Not significant
  • Bullet velocity: Not significant