How to How to make every Warzone 2 gun kill way faster

Time to kill in Warzone 2 is already super fast for close range, and i believe the close range TTK should be increased to introduce some sort of skill gap.

How to increase time to kill in Warzone 2.0

You can do that with Anti-Armor Rounds. This is a specific ammo type that acting pretty much as Stopping power ammunition from previous Warzone.

The armor rounds are not something you add in your loadouts, this is something that you buy directly from a buy station for 2'400$. It's not always there, but when it is, you should 100% equip your SMG and AR with it.

Is it working for snipers?

I've tested it and i can confirm that even with armor rounds, the snipers do not one shot headshot when the enemy has 3 plates.

Only one able to do that currently is the Victus XMR but you have to use Explosive rounds that will destroy the bullet velocity and drop.