How to win the Gulag in Warzone 2

Gulag is back with Warzone 2, and it's a little bit different that what we were used to in Warzone 1. The gulag is now a 2v2 where you team up with an enemy or a teammate.

How to win a gulag?

  • Eliminate both enemies


  • Kill the jailer

There are two possible ways to win the gulag and come back into the game. The first one is to eliminate the enemy team (the 2 players against you). The interesting things is that even if you die, but your teammate is the last one alive then you'll be redeploying! So you can win a gulag even if you die, but you'll need your gulag friend to clutch the win.

The second way to win the Gulag is fun but requires a little bit of cooperation. You'll need to have proximity chat open and try to convince the enemy team to not kill you. If you kill the jailer, all four will get oustide the gulag and back into the game. This is a win win situation so try to make this happen as much as possible!