How to tune your attachments in Warzone 2 & MWII

Yes, the attachment system can be very hard to understand in Warzone 2 or Modern Warfare 2. It's truly hard sometimes to unlock a specific attachment you need for a gun but to get it, you need to level up a complete different one.

Once you've max leveled a gun, you are going to be able to tune it! In this How To guide, we look at everything you need to know in order to tune your attachments.

How can you tune your attachments?

This is a feature that you will only see once you have the gun at max level. For example, once you reach max level of the M4 you'll be able to tune the underbarrels, but not before being at the maximum level.

Then it's very simple, just go to the gunsmith, build you loadout how you want it to be and for all tunable attachments, you'll see the option above each attachment.

You'll find two sliders.

  • One vertical slider
  • One horizontal slide

Default values are 0 (= no tuning) and you can either go lower or higher.

Can all the attachments be tuned in Warzone 2?

No! Some slots will not show tuning features available (Magazine, Laser for example) and also even within categories that usually have the tuning available, some attachments won't be tunable.

Should tuning be used systematically in Warzone 2?

Tuning is a key element of the meta loadouts in Warzone 2 that is not even a question. However, for each direction you will move the slider, you will also get some downsides. So beware of what you are sacrificing to get something else!

Should you go all the way when tuning your attachments?

Well this is a very interesting question. According to the ultimate Warzone tester TrueGameData, you should not. The slider effects do not seem to be linear and i encourage you to have a look at his video explaining that.

However, i believe that as long as we do not have hard proof and real data, it's impossible to know if we really need to find a sweet spot within the slider or not.