How to level up your guns fast in Warzone 2

Getting your guns level max can be a long and time consuming task. Not everyone can spare two hours just to level up without actually playing the game. In this quick How to guide, we look at how you can level up your guns super fast while still having fun and playing Warzone 2. It will also allow you to discover this beautiful new map!

How to level up weapons fast in Warzone 2

Well first of all if you have spare double weapon XP, note that this will obviously help with the leveling speed. The two methods work really well and feel free to share them if you like!

Most Wanted Strat

This method is extremely powerful and all you need to do is:

  1. In the menu, create a loadout with the gun you need to level up as primary weapon.
  2. Start a game of Battle Royale (Duo, trio or quads. It will not work in solo)
  3. Find the gun you want to level up on the floor or quickly buy it with 5'000$ in the buy stations.
  4. Grab a most wanted contract (ideally on the outside of the map to be calm)
  5. Every time you open a chest, loot something, etc. the timer will go down and will give you Weapon XP.
  6. Once you are at the end of the timer, as soon as it ends, open a chest and you will get double the XP. Yes this is a glitch and will get fixed soon.
  7. Do it again.

More explanations and proof:

Safecracker Strat

Then, what you want to do is team up with friends and start a Warzone 2 game (Battle Royale). The goal will be to complete as many contracts as possible with the gun that you want to level up in your hands when the contracts end.

Ideal scenario: 

  1. In the menu, create a loadout with the gun you need to level up as primary weapon.
  2. Launch the game
  3. Land somewhere safe on the outside of the map and there your goal will be to find cash as fast as possible with only one goal: buy in the buy stations your primary weapon (the one you need to level up)
  4. If you find this gun on the floor loot, then even better you can switch to next step.
  5. Grab a chopper or a way to move fast on the map.
  6. With you friends, do as many "Safecracker" contracts as possible. Being three, each of you can go fast to complete the contracts in a matter of seconds.
  7. Move to the next Safecracker contract and do it again.
  8. You can also do Most Wanted contracts once you've finished all the Safecrackers.

Please note that you need to have the gun in your hands in order for the weapon XP to be allocated to the correct gun!

With this method, you can level around 12-14 levels in one game without double XP if you do it right.

Have fun!